Damp Oasis

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Damp Oasis
Damp Oasis

Mario looking at water.

World-Level W2-4
World World 2
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
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Damp Oasis is level 2-4 of Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is, at first, an area plagued by a sandstorm, but once the oasis is revived, it is a lush area with a desert outside. Completing this level loops back to Drybake Desert. It is also the only level in this area to not have Sombrero Guys.


The entire course is a simple loop with the oasis in the center. When Mario and Kersti first enter this course, they find that the entire area is engulfed by a sandstorm. There is a sand tornado blocking the oasis entrance, and nearby is an outlet. Using Paperize will reveal a large gap, and the Vacuum sticker can be placed here to make it suck up the sandstorm. The oasis then is able to be accessed, where a crying Toad is found, claiming the area once was lush. Nearby is a dusty, locked house. Placing the Faucet sticker near the pool will revive the oasis. The Toad then changes into a swimsuit and thanks Mario by unlocking his house, which contains one of the three Tablet Piece scraps and the Shaved Ice item.

Once exiting the oasis, the Comet Piece can be found near the oasis entrance, guarded by Pokeys.

Secret Door[edit]

The Secret Door is located directly right to the entrance to the oasis. It contains the Hair Shears.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウルオイオアシス
Uruoi Oashisu
Moist Oasis
Chinese 润泽绿洲 (Simplified)
潤澤綠洲 (Traditional)
Rùnzé Lǜzhōu
Moist Oasis
French (NOA) Oasis luxuriante Lush oasis
French (NOE) Oasis aux Iris Oasis with Iris (also a pun with the Egyptian god Osiris)
German Urlaubsparadies-Oase Holiday Paradise Oasis
Italian Oasi Umida Humid Oasis
Spanish Oasis Chapuzón Dipping Oasis


  • The only sticker that can be found in this level is the Burnhammer sticker, which can be found by hopping onto the barrels on the top of the Toad House and hitting a Hidden Block.
  • The outlet's appearance differs depending on the language version of the game.