Ice Flow

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Ice Flow
PMSS Ice Flow.png
World-Level W4-2
World World 4
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
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Ice Flow is the second level of World 4 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. This level has two long frozen rivers with Cooligans sliding down each river. Hitting a Cooligan will knock the player back a short distance, and it causes the player to take damage. Coins also slide down every once in a while.


Ice Flow has two very long frozen rivers, with a cave with a mountain climb inside following the first river, and a mountain with the Comet Piece. On the first river, collecting 100 coins (from the coins that slide down) causes a Big 1-UP sticker to slide down. On the second river, collecting another 100 coins gives a Big Shiny 1-UP sticker.

The player can also find, on the mountain with the Comet Piece, a Secret Door Sticker. In order to get the sticker, Mario must reveal a series of hidden blocks on the cliff beside the Comet Piece.



  • Curling Stone
  • A random Thing not in the Album, sticker or not, appears on the second ice river.
  • Hair Dryer (Secret Door)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイスリバー
Aisu Ribā
Ice River
Spanish Río Glacial Glacial River
French (NOA) Rivière glacée Icy River
German Fröstelstrom Shivering stream
Chinese 冰凍河流
Bīngdòng Héliú
Frozen River


  • When the player is on the frozen rivers, the music changes to a remixed variation of the main snow theme.
  • The Enigmansion, which stands as the next level, is visible in the background near the end of the level before the player collects the Comet Piece.