Comet Piece

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This article is about the goal collectibles in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. For the scrap collectable in Water's Edge Way, see Comet Piece (scrap).
Screenshot of Mario getting a Comet Piece in Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Mario and Kersti collecting a Comet Piece.
“That's a piece of the Sticker Comet that I rode in on! Remember, the one that got broken up?”
Kersti, Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Comet Pieces are pieces of the Sticker Comet which serve as the level's goal in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, allowing progress in the world map. They can be found flashing between different colors, and collecting it shows a "Goal" screen where Mario can collect up to 300 bonus coins. Most non-boss levels have at least one, with the exception of Outlook Point and Shaved-Ice Cave. If there is more than one Comet Piece in a level, the second piece usually serves as the level's secret exit. Wiggler's Tree House is unique in containing three Comet Pieces. In total, there are 38 Comet Pieces to collect.

In World 1-3 Water's Edge Way after Kamek's defeat, he pulls the Comet Piece from its place via paperization, transforming it into a scrap and tossing it away to the waterfall. It must be retrieved and paperized back into place before being collected.