Toy box (object)

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Toy box artwork from the ending credits.
MvsDK ToyChest.png

Toy boxes[1] in Mario vs. Donkey Kong appear in every Mini-Mario level.

When the player plays a Mini-Mario level, two Toads will drop by carrying a toy box, then they both throw it in the sky then dropped on the ground at part of the Mini-Mario level. When Mario successfully retrieves all the Mini-Marios near to the end of the level, Mario has to lure all of them into the toy box. When all of them are in that toy box, Mario has to lock it by first jumping on the toy box resulting on closing the toy box, and then press the B Button to carry it up high as the player completes the level.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おもちゃ箱[2]
Omocha hako
Toy box
Spanish Caja de Juguetes[3] Box of Toys