Fire Mountain Plus

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Fire Mountain Plus
Fire Mountain Plus.png
Appearance Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Levels 7
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Fire Mountain Plus is the third plus world in Mario vs. Donkey Kong, being the plus world of the earlier Fire Mountain world.


Level Image Summary
Level 3-1+ MVDK Level 3-1+.png A level that makes use of Color Switches
Level 3-2+ MVDK Level 3-2+.png A level with multiple layers of platforms
Level 3-3+ MVDK Level 3-3+.png A level with Lava Bubbles jumping up below bridges
Level 3-4+ MarioVsDonkeyKong-FireMountainPlus-3-4.png A level with various blocks arranged to form a short maze
Level 3-5+ MVDK Level 3-5+.png A level with rising lava
Level 3-6+ MVDK Level 3-6+.png A level with Color Switches and several enemies
Level 3-DK+ MVDK Level 3-DK+.png The tenth fight against Donkey Kong, in an arena with disintegrating platforms