Level 3-3+

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Level 3-3+
Level 3-3+ of Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Level code Level 3-3+
World Fire Mountain Plus
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Time limit 150
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Level 3-3+ is the third level of Fire Mountain Plus in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. The high score for this level is 18500.


The player starts next to the Mini-Mario. After activating it, the player has to lead it across a bridge with two Podoboos jumping up from below. Once across, they have to jump across a small platform with a 1-Up Mushroom on it that also has a Podoboo jumping up from below, then use a Springboard to reach an upper platform. Using another small platform the third Podoboo can reach, the player can jump to a low hanging block they can use the Mini-Mario or a Handstand Jump to get over, followed by another long platform to cross that the first two Podoboos can jump over. At the end of the bridge is the locked door.


Present locations[edit]

  • Red: Above a block in the center of the level.
  • Yellow: Above the platform on the far left.
  • Blue: Directly above the locked door. The player has to do a Handstand Jump to reach it or use the Mini-Mario as a platform.