Level 4-DK

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This article is about Level 4-DK in the Nintendo Switch remake of Mario vs. Donkey Kong. For Level 4-DK in the Game Boy Advance version, see Level 5-DK.
Level 4-DK
Screenshot of Merry Mini-Land level 4-DK from the Nintendo Switch version of Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Level code Level 4-DK
World Merry Mini-Land
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Nintendo Switch)
Time limit 120
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Level 4-DK is the eighth level of Merry Mini-Land in the Nintendo Switch version of Mario vs. Donkey Kong, beginning immediately after the player completes Level 4-mm. The target time for this level's Time Attack is 60.00.


Like with other Donkey Kong boss levels, Donkey Kong has four lives and the amount of lives the player has is dependent on how many Mini-Marios were collected in the previous level. If the player selects this stage from the level select screen, they will begin with four lives.

To hit Donkey Kong, the player must toss Garbage Cans at him as they spawn in the level. However, many Flower Fans of all colors are equally distributed around the boss arena, which are toggled by Donkey Kong using the Color Switches. The boss may also toss Spiked Barrels that roll down the various semisolid platforms. The player must use the Flower Fans to float upwards and hit Donkey Kong from there with sufficient height. Once enough damage is dealt towards Donkey Kong, he will flee and the player can move on to Spooky House.