Level 2-DK

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Level 2-DK
Screenshot of Donkey Kong Jungle level 2-DK from the Nintendo Switch version of Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Level code Level 2-DK
World Donkey Kong Jungle
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Nintendo Switch)
Time limit 180
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Level 2-DK is the eighth level of Donkey Kong Jungle in Mario vs. Donkey Kong, beginning immediately after the player completes Level 2-mm. The high score for this level in the original version is 23000. In the Nintendo Switch remake, the target time for this level's Time Attack is 60.00.


Like with other Donkey Kong boss levels, Donkey Kong has four lives and the amount of lives the player has is dependent on how many Mini-Marios were collected in the previous level. If the player selects this stage from the level select screen, they will begin with four lives.

Donkey Kong is on a moving platform below the player. To attack him, the player has to knock down fruit that is floating between the ropes. After attacking him the first time, Donkey Kong will start moving faster and toss up Snapjaws, which can be defeated by dropping fruit on them or by waiting a certain amount of time. Getting hit by a Snapjaw will also instantaneously make all Snapjaws disappear. Donkey Kong will also start moving erratically, often heading back the way he came before making it to the other side of the stage. Every time Donkey Kong is attacked, he will move faster and toss up more Snapjaws. Once Donkey Kong is attacked four times, he will leave and the player will move on to Fire Mountain.