Level 5-mm

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Level 5-mm
Mystic Forest#5-MM
Level code Level 5-mm
World Mystic Forest
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Time limit 120
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Level 5-mm is the seventh level of Mystic Forest in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. The high score for this level is 12000.


The level opens with a cinematic showing Mario picking up a Bob-omb and tossing it up onto a platform above to break some Bob-omb Blocks and free the Mini-Marios.

The player first needs to pick up a Bob-omb and throw it onto the Bob-omb Blocks to the right to blow them up. Once the blocks have been destroyed, the player has to climb up a ladder and move right so the Mini-Marios can collect the letter T. The player then needs to pick up the Bob-omb in the path and throw it to the left so it is out of the way, and then use the Springboards to get the Mini-Marios up to the highest platform. The player then needs to pick up a Bob-omb and toss it up onto the above platform where the Bob-omb Blocks are to destroy them, with the Mini-Marios collecting the letter O in the process, and then use another Bob-omb to destroy the Bob-omb Blocks on the left. After climbing the ladder, the player needs to move left and fall onto a blue Color Switch, with the Mini-Marios following them down. Using the ropes, the player needs to climb back up onto the platform and move right so the Mini-Marios collect the letter Y. Climbing down the ladder, the player needs to get the Bob-omb out of the way if they need to and use the Springboard to get the Mini-Marios back up to the top platform. Moving left, the player and the Mini-Marios need to use the new blue steps to reach the toy box.