Level 1-DK

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Level 1-DK
Level 1-DK in Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Level code Level 1-DK
World Mario Toy Company
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Time limit 180
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Level 1-DK is the eighth level of Mario Toy Company in Mario vs. Donkey Kong, and is the first boss level against Donkey Kong. The high score for this level is 22000, and the player has 180 seconds to defeat Donkey Kong.


The level immediately starts after the completion of Level 1-mm. Donkey Kong has four hit points and the player has hit points equal to the amount of Mini-Marios that were collected in the previous level. To hit Donkey Kong, the player has to throw Trash Cans in the level at him. However, Donkey Kong will press Color Switches that determine where the Trash Cans can be found, as well as making certain platforms appear or disappear. Donkey Kong can also pull on a chain to cause debris to fall and damage the player, which can be blocked by performing a Handstand, though if the player gets hit with debris while carrying a Trash Can, they won't lose a hit point. Once Donkey Kong is defeated, he and the player will enter Donkey Kong Jungle.