Mario Toy Factory

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Mario Toy Factory
MvsDK W1+.png
Appearance Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Levels 7
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Mario Toy Factory is the first plus world after the main story in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. Being the first plus world in the game, the objective is different. Mario must safely lead a Mini-Mario that is holding a key to an exit. Due to the change of objective, there are only seven levels in each plus world as Mario guides one of the six Mini-Marios through one of the six normal levels each, making Mini-Mario levels redundant.

Mario Toy Factory is the only plus world to have no "+" after its name and a different name overall.





This level has initially several Shy Guys and a Mini-Mario below. To reach the Mini-Mario, Mario must climb down and defeat the Shy Guys. Then, he should hit a blue switch to disable the red platform and enable the blue ladder. Once he climbs down and gets the Mini-Mario, he should use a garbage can so the Mini-Mario can grab the red present. Then, Mario should hit the red switch to remove the blue platform so the Mini-Mario can get through and collect the yellow present. Mario can then jump on the spring and have the Mini-Mario follow him.

In this part, there is a blue present, but it is on top of spikes. Mario must grab the Shy Guy and throw it on top of the spikes, having it provide a platform. Mario can then hit the blue switch so he can collect the present and reach the doorway while the Mini-Mario safely crosses over the spike pit on the blue platform.

The high score for this level is 17,000.


  • Red Present - To the left of the Mini-Mario, in a one-block tall indent. Only Mini-Mario can reach it.
  • Yellow Present - To the right of the Mini-Mario, in a one-block tall area. The Mini-Mario can collect it.
  • Blue Present - On top of spikes, this present can be reached once Mario throws a Shy Guy and uses it as a platform.




The level starts on the right. There are oil cans scattered throughout the area, but there is a hammer that Mario can use to destroy the oil cans. Above it is a Mini-Mario. Once Mario destroys the oil can with his hammer, he can ditch the hammer, hit the blue switch to activate the blue platform, and climb the ladder. There are more oil cans, but another hammer, so Mario can destroy these oil cans before having the Mini-Mario follow him. Once Mario removes the oil cans, he can grab a garbage can, throw it to the right, have the Mini-Mario reach the yellow present. Mario can make a backflip to jump over the platform. There is a red present on top of spikes. Mario should then climb down the ladder and hit the red switch to active a red platform over the spikes, enabling the Mini-Mario to grab the red present. To have the Mini-Mario reach the door, Mario needs to use a garbage can as a platform.

The high score for this level is 17,500.


  • Red Present - Near the end of the level, the present is on top of spikes. Hitting a red switch enables a red platform so the Mini-Mario can cross and grab the present.
  • Yellow Present - In one-block high indent, a garbage can needs to be used so the Mini-Mario can jump inside the indent.
  • Blue Present - In plain sight, between the oil cans at the beginning of the level. Using the hammer is needed.




At the beginning of the level, Mario encounters some springs and a Mini-Mario on the far right. Mario can backflip onto the second spring to grab the blue present. Then, he should use the springs to jump onto the top right where a Shy Guy is wandering and some oil cans are floating. Mario can toss the Shy Guy aside and grab the hammer to defeat it and remove the oil cans. Once he has done that, he can ditch the hammer and jump into the yellow present. Mario may notice a red present accessed only by the Mini-Mario. He can fall to reach the Mini-Mario. With the aid of springs, the Mini-Mario can reach the red present and the door (in the middle of the level).

The high score for this level is 20,000.


  • Red Present - On the mid-left of the level, the present can be accessed if the Mini-Mario uses the springs properly.
  • Yellow Present - To the next of some oil cans and a Shy Guy; Mario may need to use the hammer to receive it.
  • Blue Present - On top of the second spring from the left.




Mario starts on the left of the level. There are trash bins encased in red blocks with a red present underneath the red blocks. Below these are spikes and another trash bin on the right on top of the spikes. Mario can use these red blocks as a platform to jump up and hit the yellow switch to remove the red blocks and let the trash bins fall on top of the spikes. Once that is done, Mario can let the Mini-Mario follow him. Mario can fall to the left, back to where he started, and he can walk over the trash bins, collecting the red present, and let the Mini-Mario follow him. He should reactivate the red switch to have the yellow platform disappear. He can then reach the blue present. Meanwhile, the Mini-Mario can go below and grab the yellow present. There is a spring that allows the Mini-Mario to reach the door so the two can complete the level.

The high score for this level is 18,500.


  • Red Present - Below the red blocks, on top of spikes. Mario can remove the red blocks to reach this present.
  • Yellow Present - If the yellow platforms are removed, the Mini-Mario can go across the one-block-high tunnel to grab the yellow present.
  • Blue Present - On the platform above the door. Mario needs to remove the yellow blocks to reach it.



This level begins at the bottom right, and it is filled with conveyor belts and spikes. Once Mario climbs the ladder, he can reach the Mini-Mario. He can use the spring to reach a high conveyor belt and let the Mini-Mario grab the red present on the left. Meanwhile, Mario can jump across the conveyor belts to grab the yellow present. He and the Mini-Mario then drop below to discover a blue present accessed only by Mini-Mario. The blue present is on a conveyor belt moving to the left, with spikes below, so the two must walk against it to drop onto a safe platform. Once on the platform, they can hop across the spikes and reach the door.

The high score for this level is 19,000.


  • Red Present - The red present is just above the first spring, but only Mini-Mario can reach it.
  • Yellow Present - On the top left of the stage; Mario must hop across the gap between the conveyor belts to reach it.
  • Blue Present - On a left-moving conveyor belt near the end of the level; only Mini-Mario can access it.



The level starts with a ladder (leading to a yellow present accessed only by Mini-Mario) and a Brickman. Mario should handstand to cross below the Brickman safely, but the Brickman area contains a 1-Up Mushroom and a red present. Mario can jump to reach the red present. There is a locked door on the far right, but the Mini-Mario is located above it. Mario should climb the ladder to reach the Mini-Mario. Since Mini-Marios cannot climb ladders, Mario and the Mini-Mario use a spring and jump to the left and go back to the beginning of the level. There are two garbage cans with two Shy Guys. The first Shy Guy is guarding a blue present. Mario can grab this Shy Guy to remove the first garbage can and repeat with the other Shy Guy for the second one. Mario and Mini-Mario can reach the yellow present, having Mini-Mario grab it. Then, the two must cross below the Brickman again, but Mario must make sure the Mini-Mario is safe as well. Then, the two can reach the locked door.

The high score for this level is 19,500.


  • Red Present - Below the Brickman, after the 1-Up Mushroom.
  • Yellow Present - Accessed only by Mini-Mario, located on the top left, just above the ladder.
  • Blue Present - On the top right of the level, a Shy Guy is guarding the present.




The first DK fight in the plus worlds. There are switches of all three colors: red, yellow, and blue. The red switch is active, initially. Donkey Kong hits switches to active and deactivate platforms. He can also pull a chain lever to have objects fall on Mario. Colored garbage cans also appear based on the switch Donkey Kong presses. Mario must take advantage of what platforms are active and which platforms Donkey Kong will activate and throw the garbage cans at him. The garbage cans offer protection; if Mario is hit while holding a garbage can, he is stunned, but loses no health.

The high score for this level is 20,000.