Mario Toy Factory

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Mario Toy Factory
MvsDK W1+.png
Appearance Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Levels 7
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Mario Toy Factory is the first plus world after the main story in Mario vs. Donkey Kong, being the plus counterpart to Mario Toy Company. Being the first plus world in the game, the objective is different. Mario must safely lead a Mini-Mario that is holding a key to an exit. Due to the change of objective, there are only seven levels in each plus world as Mario guides one of the six Mini-Marios through one of the six normal levels each, making Mini-Mario levels redundant.

Mario Toy Factory is the only plus world to not have "PLUS" after its name, instead having a different name from its normal world counterpart.


Level Image Summary
Level 1-1+ MVDK 1-1+.png A level that shows the player how the Mini-Marios work
Level 1-2+ MVDK 1-2+.png A level with many obstacles
Level 1-3+ MVDK 1-3+.png A level with Springboards
Level 1-4+ MVDK 1-4+.png A level that makes use of Color Switches
Level 1-5+ MVDK 1-5+.png A level with conveyor belts
Level 1-6+ MVDK 1-6+.png A level with many enemies and obstacles
Level 1-DK+ MVDK 1-DK+.png The eighth fight against Donkey Kong, in a redone Level 1-DK with more and smaller platforms