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First appearance Mario vs. Donkey Kong (2004)

RamRams[1][2] are rhinoceros enemies in Mario vs. Donkey Kong that first appear in the second world of the game, Donkey Kong Jungle. RamRams hinder Mario's progress by ramming into him. Mario can pick them up and throw them onto spikes, which they are immune to. Mario can then use them as platforms to get over the spikes. RamRams can also be used as a weight to keep a switch activated. RamRams can be defeated by dropping fruit on top of them, or throwing other RamRams and barrels on them.

RamRams in the Remake

Their name, in addition to referring to ramming as an action, may be a reference to Rambi, another rhino associated with Donkey Kong. This connection is further hinted at in the Nintendo Switch remake, where RamRams are redesigned to look more like Rambi.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラムラム[3]
Transliteration of the English name
French RamRam[4] Same as English
German Ram Ram[5] Same as English
Italian RamRam[6] Same as English
Spanish Ram Ram[7] Same as English