Donkey Kong Jungle Plus

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Donkey Kong Jungle Plus
MvsDK W2+.png
Appearance Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Levels 7
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Donkey Kong Jungle Plus is the second plus world in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. As with other plus worlds, Mario must lead a Mini-Mario to hold a key. Then, he can lead it to the locked exit.


Level Image Summary
Level 2-1+ 2-1+ MvsDK.png A simple level that makes use of Semisolid Platforms
Level 2-2+ 2-2+ MvsDK.png A level where the player has to drop fruit on RamRams
Level 2-3+ 2-3+ MvsDK.png A level with sand platforms
Level 2-4+ Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2-4+.PNG A level with many ropes
Level 2-5+ MVDK Level 2-5+.PNG A level with a few Snapjaws
Level 2-6+ MVDK Level 2-6+.png A level that uses Color Switches
Level 2-DK+ MVDK Level 2-DK+.png The ninth fight against Donkey Kong, in a redone Level 2-DK with spikes