Donkey Kong Jungle Plus

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Donkey Kong Jungle Plus
MvsDK W2+.png
Appearance Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Levels 7
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Donkey Kong Jungle Plus is the second plus world in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. As with other plus worlds, Mario must lead a Mini Mario to hold a key. Then, he can lead it to the locked exit.




2-1+ MvsDK.png

Mario starts on the bottom left portion of the level. Just above him is an idle Mini Mario and a key next to it. Mario can climb the ladder to touch the Mini Mario so the Mini Mario can follow his movements. To the right of the Mini Mario is a red present that only the Mini Mario can reach. Mario should descend the ladder and walk to the right so the Mini Mario moves right, to collect the red present. Shortly after, the Mini Mario can hop up the platforms to grab the yellow present.

Once Mario climbs the ladder, he needs to walk to the left so the Mini Mario can hop on the small platform to reach Mario. Once both hop up the platforms, they can notice Fire Piranha Plants on the far left and right of the stage. They are spitting fireballs horizontally, so Mario and the Mini Mario must take care to avoid them. Near the second highest Fire Piranha Plant, there is a blue present. Mario needs to use the ropes near the blue present to grab it safely. On the very top right of the stage, the locked door is there.

The high score is 21500.


  • Red Present- In plain sight, in the beginning of the level. Only Mini Mario can reach it.
  • Yellow Present- Above the red present. The Mini Mario must hop on some platforms to reach it.
  • Blue Present- Near the second highest Fire Piranha Plant.


  • Fire Piranha Plant


2-2+ MvsDK.png

Mario starts on the top right part of the stage. Below are three RamRams, a spring on the right, a yellow present to the left, and a Mini Mario in the middle. On the top, various fruits are located between the ropes. A blue present is on the top left corner of the stage while the red present is hovering over fragile brown terrain that connects the two parts of the stage. If Mario runs across it, it breaks. Mario must reach the Mini Mario before the RamRam can defeat it, or he can defeat the RamRam with falling fruit. Then, Mario can defeat two RamRams by grabbing one and throwing the other or can be dispatched by causing the fruit to fall one. The Mini Mario can use the spring to reach the locked door.


  • Red Present- Above the breakable brown platform, to the left.
  • Yellow Present- To the far left, on the bottom portion of the stage.
  • Blue Present- On the top left corner, accessed by climbing vines.

The high score is 23500.


  • RamRam


2-3+ MvsDK.png

Mario starts on the far right of the level. Here, the level has many breakable brown platforms, but with spikes below. The second half of this level is separated by a tall wall. The blue present is located on the left, over the brown platform, but close to the spikes. The red present is on the top right, above the brown platform, which is directly above spikes. A 1-Up Mushroom is just above the blue present. Once he clears this part, Mario can reach the Mini Mario. The yellow present can be accessed by Mini Mario, but it is over brown platform. Mario should climb down the ladder. Then, he can direct the Mini Mario to the yellow present. Once the Mini Mario drops to the bottom left of the stage, Mario can use a nearby barrel to help it reach the locked door.

The high score is 18500.


  • Red Present- It is above the breakable brown platform above the starting point.
  • Yellow Present- It is at the second half of the level, past the breakable brown platform.
  • Blue Present- It is at the bottom left corner of the first half of the level.


  • None


Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2-4+.PNG

This level features Nitpicker as the main obstacle. Mario starts at the bottom right corner of the level next to Mini Mario. Above them is a Nitpicker's Nest and several ropes. Mario needs to climb the ropes, collect presents and avoid spikes, the Nitpicker and its eggs.The Nitpicker will not drop eggs when Mini Mario is under it but Mario is above it.The door is at the bottom right corner of the level.

The high score for this level is 19500


  • Red Present- It is at the top of the level, above the Yellow Present but separated by a platform.
  • Yellow Present- It is above the spikes at the middle of the level.
  • Blue Present- It is above the spikes at the leftmost of the level.


  • Nitpicker