Mystic Forest Plus

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Mystic Forest Plus
Mario vs. Donkey Kong W-5+ Select.PNG
Appearance Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Levels 7
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Mystic Forest Plus is the fifth plus world that Mario chases Donkey Kong through in Mario vs. Donkey Kong, and as before with its standard counterpart, takes place in a forest. The background is the night version of Mystic Forest first seen in its boss stage. Monchees no longer appear in this version, but all other enemies from the original Mystic Forest make a reappearance, with no additions.


Level Image Summary
Level 5-1+ MVDK 5-1+ - A.PNG A level with Katakata Yarihōs.
Level 5-2+ MVDK 5-2+ - A.PNG A level with Tane Pakkuns and Conveyor Belts.
Level 5-3+ MVDK 5-3+ - A.PNG A level with Bob-ombs and Bob-omb Blocks.
Level 5-4+ MVDK 5-4+ - A.PNG A vertical level with Cannons.
Level 5-5+ MVDK 5-5+ - A.PNG Another vertical level with many ropes.
Level 5-6+ MVDK 5-6+ - A.PNG A level with Color Switches and Cannons.
Level 5-DK+ MVDK 5-DK+.PNG The twelfth fight against Donkey Kong.