Twilight City

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Not to be confused with Twilight Town or Twilight House.
Twilight City
MVDK World 6.png
Appearance Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Levels 8
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Twilight City is the sixth and final regular World found in the game Mario vs. Donkey Kong. The entire world is a high-technology city, consisting of lasers, robots, and metal platforms. The city introduces the spanner-throwing Katakata Spanner Heihō, which can be found in a couple levels, and Robokikkis, which are quicker versions of Monchees.


Level Image Summary
Level 6-1 MVDK 6-1 2.png A level that introduces lasers and Katakata Spanner Heihōs
Level 6-2 MVDK 6-2 1.png A level with moving platforms and Wires
Level 6-3 MVDK 6-3 1.png A level that introduces Robokikkis
Level 6-4 MVDK 6-4 1.png A level with many lasers and Robokikkis
Level 6-5 MVDK 6-5 1.png A level with several Color Switches and Sir Shovalots
Level 6-6 MvsDK 6-6.png A level with many enemies and obstacles
Level 6-mm MVDK 6-mm.png The sixth and final Mini-Mario level with lasers, conveyor belts, and Color Switches
Level 6-DK MVDK 6-DK.png The sixth fight against Donkey Kong, where the player has to dodge lasers and drop Bob-ombs on him


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トワイライトシティー
Towairaito Shitī
Twilight City