Twilight City

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Not to be confused with Twilight Town or DS Twilight House.
Twilight City
Twilight City level selection in Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Level(s) 8
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Twilight City is the sixth and final regular World found in the game Mario vs. Donkey Kong. The entire world is a high-technology city, consisting of lasers, robots, and metal platforms. The city introduces Wrench Shy Guys, which can be found in a couple levels, and Robo Kikkis, which are quicker versions of Monchees.

In the Nintendo Switch remake, it is still the final world, but it is now the eighth main world, after the new fourth and sixth worlds Merry Mini-Land and Slippery Summit were added.


Level Image Summary
Level 6-1 Level 6-1 in Mario vs. Donkey Kong A level that introduces lasers and Wrench Shy Guys
Level 6-2 Level 6-2 in Mario vs. Donkey Kong A level with moving platforms and wires
Level 6-3 Level 6-3 in Mario vs. Donkey Kong A level that introduces Robo Kikkis
Level 6-4 Level 6-4 in Mario vs. Donkey Kong A level with many lasers and Robo Kikkis
Level 6-5 Level 6-5 in Mario vs. Donkey Kong A level with several Color Switches and Sir Shovalots
Level 6-6 MvsDK 6-6.png A level with many enemies and obstacles
Level 6-mm Level 6-mm in Mario vs. Donkey Kong The final Mini-Mario level with lasers, conveyor belts, and Color Switches
Level 6-DK Level 6-DK in Mario vs. Donkey Kong The sixth (eighth in the remake) fight against Donkey Kong, where the player has to dodge lasers and drop Bob-ombs on him


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トワイライトシティー
Towairaito Shitī
Twilight City

Chinese 暮色城市
Mùsè Chéngshì
Twilight City

Dutch Schemerstad
Twilight City
French Noctopolis
German Finsterstadt
Dark City
Italian La città dell'ombra
The city of shadow
Korean 트와일라이트 시티
Teuwaillaiteu Siti
Twilight City

Spanish Ciudad del Crepúsculo
Twilight City