Fire Mountain (world)

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Fire Mountain
MVDKWorld 3.png
Appearance Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Levels 8
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Fire Mountain is the third world of the game Mario vs. Donkey Kong. The Fire Mountain is a filled with lava, Ninjis, and Katakata Kaen Heihō.


Level Image Summary
Level 3-1 MVDK 3-1 1.png A level that introduces Lava Geysers and Ninjis
Level 3-2 MVDK 3-2 1.png A level that introduces Kurasshās and Firebirds
Level 3-3 MVDK 3-3 1.png A level with rising lava and Lava Bubbles
Level 3-4 MVDK 3-4 1.png A level with several enemies
Level 3-5 MVDK 3-5 1.png A level with rising lava and moving platforms
Level 3-6 MVDK 3-6 1.png A level with sinking and rising lava and several Katakata Kaen Heihōs
Level 3-mm FireMountainMMStage.png The third Mini-Mario level, which makes use of Color Switches to avoid obstacles
Level 3-DK MVDK 3-DK.png The third fight with Donkey Kong, who throws barrels and rocks


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファイヤーマウンテン
Faiyā Maunten
Fire Mountain