Wire Trap

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Wire Trap
Spiky Ring.png
First appearance Donkey Kong (1994)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)
Variant of Spark

A Wire Trap[1][2] is a faceless, indestructible type of Spark that moves on wires rather than platforms.


Donkey Kong[edit]


Wire Traps are introduced in Donkey Kong on the Game Boy, where they are first seen in Stage 1-3 of the Big-City. They travel from the left to right of their wire, disappearing once they reach the end, and spawn at regular intervals. Upon contact, Wire Traps can shock Mario and cause him to lose a life. They resemble a ball with four diagonal needle-like protrusions which constantly emit electricity between them in a pattern resembling that of a Jacob's ladder.

Super Mario Sunshine[edit]

In the game Super Mario Sunshine, Wire Traps are found in Bianco Hills and Noki Bay. They are either red or blue in color and resemble spiral-shaped seashells that are covered in spikes. Glowing sparks of electricity emit from their centers as they cling to a wire and move along it by spinning themselves. Red ones are the most common, and normally grow from a funnel on one side, travel to the other, then disappear. However, ones found in Noki Bay instead slowly follow Mario along the rope. Blue Wire Traps, also exclusive to Noki Bay, are bigger and much slower than their red counterparts, and constantly go back and forth between ends of the rope without disappearing. If Mario touches a Wire Trap, he will get burned and may fall off the rope. The player can slightly hinder their progress by spraying water on them with F.L.U.D.D. The only way to avoid them is to jump over them. As they move, they make a low chirping noise, similar to that of a real-life hermit crab.

Super Mario-kun[edit]

A Wire Trap appears in Super Mario-kun, where Mario gets shocked by the obstacle.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong[edit]

In Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Wire Traps (here known as Sparkies[3]) periodically travel through wires just as they did in the Game Boy Donkey Kong. They are first encountered in Level 6-3 of Twilight City.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スパーク[4][5]
Wire Trap[6]
Spark (Donkey Kong and Super Mario Sunshine)

Wire Trap (Super Mario Sunshine)

Sparky (Mario vs. Donkey Kong)
German Spark Spark
Italian Trappole di corda[8] Wire Trap


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