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Artwork of a Sniper from Donkey Kong.
Artwork of a Sniper from Perfect Ban Mario Character Daijiten
First appearance Donkey Kong (1994)

Snipers are arthropod enemies that appear in Donkey Kong for Game Boy. They make their first appearance in Stage 2-1 of the Forest. Sniper foes display round abdomens, adorned with peculiar plate appendages; they also feature common arthropod eyes on their short and intent heads.

Snipers have the ability to cling to any surface, thusly marching up walls and ceilings at a constant speed. They always follow the direction up front and never turn back. This behavior can also be seen in Faiachū, Fireball enemies introduced in the previous world, as well as Dotties, ladybug enemies introduced in the same level as Snipers. However, unlike Dotties, Snipers can hurt Mario upon contact. Likewise, they cannot be defeated. In Stage 4-6 of the Jungle, there are fast-moving Snipers.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Perfect Ban Mario Character Daijiten[edit]

種族 クリープ族
性格 しつこい
登場ゲーム GBドンキー

Tribe: Creep clan
Disposition: Persistent
Game appearances: GB Donkey
Spiky, nasty thing.
An insect monster with spines on its back. Like Sukōpī (P93), who is also from GB Donkey, you can neither ride nor touch it. You can only run away from it to avoid being stung.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スナイパー[1][2]
Sniper; also a play on「スパイダー」(supaidā, spider)


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