Stage 1-5

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Not to be confused with World 1-5, Level 1-5, or Area 1-5.
Stage 1-5
Stage 1-5 of Donkey Kong for the Game Boy
Level code 1-5
World Big-City
Game Donkey Kong
Time limit 150 seconds
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Stage 1-5 is the fifth level of Big-City and the fifth actual stage of Donkey Kong for the Game Boy. It introduces the road to the player.


Mario spawns on the upper right side of the screen, on the locked door. There are two enemies: a Rappy and a Faiachū. A new object, the road, is also introduced. Completion of the level is straightforward. The player must travel down the ladders to get to the platform where the road item is, using it as a bridge to get to the other side. Pauline's lost items can be found in the general vicinity, with the hat in the way, the bag up another ladder, and a parasol on the way back from the location of the key. The player must grab the key and then use another road item to get across back to the door to end the level.


Pauline's lost items[edit]

Within this stage, Pauline's lost items can be found in the following order and in the following places:

  • Hat: At the right and a bit higher than the lowest platform (from the side of the Faiachū).
  • Bag: Next to the uppermost ladder in the left side of the stage's room; right under the platform with the key on it.
  • Parasol: In front of a background skyscraper in the middle of the stage; at the left of the platform under which stays the exit door.