Stage 3-5

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Not to be confused with World 3-5.
Stage 3-5
Stage 3-5 of Donkey Kong for the Game Boy
Level code 3-5
World Ship
Game Donkey Kong
Time limit 200 seconds
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Stage 3-5 is the fifth level of the Ship in the Game Boy version of Donkey Kong. This stage marks the return of Faiachūs and Wire Traps.


Mario starts off just to the left of the Exit Door. He must start by heading right to the Rope, protected by a Wire Trap. He must perform a Wire Spin to reach both a 1 UP Heart and Pauline's hat, located right next to a Dust Man. Mario must climb the ladder onto a long platform with two rotating Faiachū. At this point, Mario can jump high to the right to reach the bag. At the top is the Key. Upon collecting it, Mario can simply head to the left and use the descending elevators to reach the Exit Door just below. On the way, he can reach the parasol on a nearby platform. He may then unlock the Exit Door to complete the level.


Pauline's lost items[edit]

Within this stage, Pauline's lost items can be found in the following order and in the following places:

  • Hat: To the right of the stage, collected by performing a Wire Spin.
  • Bag: High in the air, to the right of the stage. Mario must jump and use the wire to reach and collect it.
  • Parasol: Near the left end of the stage, next to the elevator.