Stage 2-8

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Not to be confused with World 2-8, Level 2-8, or Area 2-8.
Stage 2-8
Stage 2-8 of Donkey Kong for the Game Boy
Level code 2-8
World Forest
Game Donkey Kong
Time limit 150 seconds
Boss Donkey Kong
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Stage 2-8 is the eighth of the Forest in the Game Boy version of Donkey Kong. The level is the second encounter with Donkey Kong in the forest.


Mario starts on a platform under a ladder which he can climb up. There are spikes under the entire stage so Mario must be careful not to fall down. Mario must jump onto a Kurasshā then jump over to the small non moving platform or to the top moving platform when it's close enough. if Mario is on the lower moving platforms over to two non moving platforms on the right where can then jump up to the highest moving platform from the highest non moving platform but he has to avoid the jacks thrown by Donkey Kong. Then Mario must jump up to the ropes and climb across them to the right then go up the ropes then head left while still avoiding the thrown jacks then climb up the ladder up to Pauline ending the level with Donkey Kong taking her away.


Cutscene after level completion[edit]

Donkey Kong jumps down a small cliff then stops and puts Pauline down while angrily glaring at an arriving Mario. Once Mario jumps down, Donkey Kong gets ready to charge. Once he charges at him, Mario Backflips back up to the higher ground, avoiding Donkey Kong's attack and making him crash into wall, causing the ape to get dizzy as Mario continuously jumps up and down. Donkey Kong dizzily stumbles back over to Pauline, then, once he regains his composure, grabs her and continues to run as Mario chases after him.