Stage 3-7

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Not to be confused with World 3-7.
Stage 3-7
Stage 3-7 of Donkey Kong for the Game Boy
Level code 3-7
World Ship
Game Donkey Kong
Time limit 200 seconds
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Stage 3-7 is the seventh level of the Ship in the Game Boy version of Donkey Kong. The level has a puzzle theme, and revolves around the use of two different levers with different functions.


To begin, Mario starts off in the bottom left corner, next to a ladder just below the Key Door. Two Gessori swim in the liquid below, while two Sir Shovalots move about the area. Although Mario is able to climb the ladder and make it to the top right of the room, there is a wall blocking off the key. However, there is still a lever Mario must use to lure the lower Sir Shovalot onto a temporary platform. Mario must then release the lever to make the platform disappear and drop the Sir Shovalot onto the lowest floor. Mario must then head to the Sir Shovalot and have him push him through a narrow squeeze, crouching so as to avoid the spikes. Upon jumping over the hole to avoid falling into the water, Mario must then use a different switch to create a ladder allowing him to reach the key, as well as raising the wall. Mario may then simply pick up the key and carry it all the way to the left, unlocking the Key Door to complete the level.


Sprite Name Count
Gessori (compressed) Gessori 2
Sir Shovalot(compressed) Sir Shovalots 2

Pauline's lost items[edit]

Sprite Name Location
Pauline's hat sprite from Donkey Kong (Game Boy) Hat Suspended in midair in the corner between the first two ladders. Mario must perform a Handstand Jump or Backflip to reach and collect it.
Pauline's bag sprite from Donkey Kong (Game Boy) Bag Near the top right corner, between the lever and key.
Pauline's parasol sprite from Donkey Kong (Game Boy) Parasol Placed on a platform at a lower height than the hat. Mario may perform a Backflip Jump or Backflip, or use the nearby ladder to reach and collect it.