Stage 3-2

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Not to be confused with World 3-2.
Stage 3-2
Stage 3-2 of Donkey Kong for the Game Boy
Level code 3-2
World Ship
Game Donkey Kong
Time limit 200 seconds
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Stage 3-2 is the second level of the Ship in the Game Boy version of Donkey Kong. The level introduces Sir Shovalots.


Mario quickly starts off in front of a Sir Shovalot, which pushes him off the starting platform onto a lower ledge with another Sir Shovalot if Mario is not quick to react. However, Mario must fall off anyway, as the platform above the starting platform is solid and cannot be jumped through. While on the second ledge, Mario can either drop down to collect the hat and parasol near the bottom spikes, or use the ladder next to the second Sir Lancelot to reach a ledge with a Kānyī, which extends its claws to try to damage him if approached. Mario must head to the left and use Wire Spins to reach the Key as well as the bag just above it. From here, on the top of the level, Mario can also head right and jump across the gap to reach a 1 UP Heart on the other side. If Mario has the key, he can then simply go through the exit door just below.


Pauline's lost items[edit]

Within this stage, Pauline's lost items can be found in the following order and in the following places:

  • Hat: To the left, on a small platform just above the floor of spikes.
  • Bag: To the left, above the area with the key. Mario needs to perform a Wire Spin to reach and collect it.
  • Parasol: To the right, on a small platform overlooking the spikes. Mario must ride a small lift to reach and collect it.