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DKGB 8 RockValley.png
Appearance Donkey Kong
Levels 16
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Rocky-Valley (alternatively spelled Rocky Valley[1] and also known as Rocky Mountain[2]) is the eighth world in the game Donkey Kong for the Game Boy. Donkey Kong escapes to it after being defeated on the Iceberg. Rocky-Valley is also the location of Donkey Kong's Tower. Rocky-Valley features some of the most difficult puzzle stages of the game and requires the player to make the most of Mario's abilities. There are many places which require strategic thinking and exact knowledge of the game's physics. Rocky-Valley is the longest world in the game, amounting to 16 stages. It also appears in the ending, where Mario, Pauline, Donkey Kong, and Donkey Kong Jr. take a photograph.



Level Enemy species and obstacles greeted
Stage 8-1 Bukubuku, Arumajiron
Stage 8-2 Chikuchiku, Dōryī
Stage 8-3 Hawks, Sir Shovalot, Kurasshā, Spike Trap
Stage 8-4 Donkey Kong, Chikuchiku
Stage 8-5 Chikuchiku
Stage 8-6 Sukōpī, Kurasshā, Spike Trap
Stage 8-7 Furafurawā, Donkey Kong Jr., Spike Trap
Stage 8-8 Donkey Kong, Spike Trap
Stage 8-9 Donkey Kong Jr., Bukubuku, Dōryī, Spike Trap
Stage 8-10 Spike Trap, Wind
Stage 8-11 Oil, Spike Trap
Stage 8-12 Donkey Kong
Stage 8-13 Dōryī, Lava
Stage 8-14 Lava, Walking Block, Furafurawā
Stage 8-15 Lava, Kurasshā, Spike Trap
Stage 8-16 Donkey Kong, Hawks, Wind, Rokkun


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 岩山[3]
Rocky Mountain
(Rocky-Valley in-game)
Spanish Valle Rocoso Rocky Valley
French Vallée rocailleuse Rocky valley
Dutch Rotsvallei[4] Rock valley


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