Stage 8-15

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Stage 8-15
Stage 8-15 of Donkey Kong for the Game Boy
Level code 8-15
World Rocky-Valley
Game Donkey Kong
Time limit 250 seconds
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Stage 8-15 is the fifteenth level of Rocky-Valley in the Game Boy version of Donkey Kong.


Mario starts the level on the left portion of the map. Mario must first climb the nearby ladder, then head right to cross a pool of lava by using two Thwomp Platforms and a lift. Taking another lift to the lower level, Mario must then grab the key while navigating a series of drifting blocks across the lava. After making it to the bottom-left and placing a Jump Stand, Mario must throw the key onto the top level, then climb the same ladder to reach the door.


Pauline's lost items[edit]

Within this stage, Pauline's lost items can be found in the following order and in the following places:

  • Hat: Near the top-left, suspended above a Conveyor Belt.
  • Parasol: Near the top-right, next to the second Thwomp Platform.
  • Purse: Near the bottom-right, close to where the key is located.