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Artwork of a Bowbow from Perfect Ban Mario Character Daijiten
First appearance Donkey Kong (Game Boy) (1994)

Bowbows[1] are dog-like enemies in the Game Boy version of Donkey Kong. They are first encountered in Stage 1-1. Bowbows walk astray on their platform and turn around when they reach an edge. They do not attempt to charge at Mario, but they defeat him if he runs into them. Standing on them is possible, and they can be picked up and thrown at other enemies. If Mario approaches them with the hammer, they run in panic in the direction they are currently facing, which might actually bring them closer to Mario.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Perfect Ban Mario Character Daijiten[edit]

バウバウ (JP) / Bowbow (EN)
Original text (Japanese) Translation
種族しゅぞく ビーストぞく Tribe Beast clan
性格せいかく こうるさい Disposition Fussy
登場とうじょうゲーム GBゲームボーイドンキー Game appearances GB Donkey

ドンキーコングに数多かずおお登場とうじょうするザコキャラ。いぬのかっこうをしたモンスターで、ウロウロとあるまわっている。うえることがで きるので、そうじゃまにはならない。[2]

A barking watchdog!!

A small-fry character that appears in many Donkey Kong games. It is a monster in the shape of a dog, and wanders around. He can be ridden on top of, so he is not much of a hindrance.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バウバウ[3][4][2]
From a partial repetition of "bow-wow" (English onomatopoeia for dog's barking)

Dutch Bowbow[5]
Italian Rappy[6]
Possible printing mistake


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