Forest (Donkey Kong)

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Forest (Donkey Kong)
DKGB 2 Forest.png
Appearance Donkey Kong
Levels 12
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The Forest is the second world of the game Donkey Kong for the Game Boy. The world begins when Donkey Kong runs into the forest after being defeated in Big-City. The forest introduces switches to the stages, and also vertical ropes (from Donkey Kong Jr.) for Mario to climb and water to swim in. The Forest has 12 stages.


Mario chasing Donkey Kong through the Forest

The following enemies make their debut in the forest:


Level Enemy species and obstacles greeted
Stage 2-1 Dotty, Sniper
Stage 2-2 Sniper
Stage 2-3 Dōryī
Stage 2-4 Donkey Kong, Snapjaw
Stage 2-5 Bukubuku
Stage 2-6 Dotty
Stage 2-7 Dotty, Sniper
Stage 2-8 Donkey Kong, Kurasshā, Springs
Stage 2-9 Sniper, Kaibādo
Stage 2-10 Sairesu
Stage 2-11 -
Stage 2-12 Donkey Kong, barrels

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese [1]
Spanish Bosque Forest
French Forêt Forest


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