Tower (world)

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This article is about the final world of Donkey Kong for the Game Boy. For the Towers found in the New Super Mario Bros. games, see Tower.
DKGB 9 Tower.png
Appearance Donkey Kong
Levels 9
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The Tower is the ninth world of the game Donkey Kong for the Game Boy. It is the final world of the game, being located in Rocky-Valley. Every stage in the Tower is a boss fight against Donkey Kong or Donkey Kong Jr. Mario has to avoid many obstacles such as Poison Mushrooms and entire stages consisting of sand blocks. After Donkey Kong is defeated in stage 9-8, Mario has to fight him again in his giant form in stage 9-9.

Stage 9-5 is notable for being an exact duplicate of the original, arcade version of 25m, the version of which in this game is actually missing the top two rows of girders so as to fit the stage onto one Game Boy screen.



Level Enemy species and obstacles encountered
DonkeyKong-Stage9-1 (GB).png
Stage 9-1
Golem, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Kurasshā
DonkeyKong-Stage9-2 (GB).png
Stage 9-2
Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr.
DonkeyKong-Stage9-3 (GB).png
Stage 9-3
Gyātoru, Donkey Kong
DonkeyKong-Stage9-4 (GB).png
Stage 9-4
Kuro, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr.
DonkeyKong-Stage9-5 (GB).png
Stage 9-5
Barrel, Donkey Kong
DonkeyKong-Stage9-6 (GB).png
Stage 9-6
Wire Trap, Robo NO.1, Gyātoru, Donkey Kong
DonkeyKong-Stage9-7 (GB).png
Stage 9-7
Donkey Kong
DonkeyKong-Stage9-8 (GB).png
Stage 9-8
Barrel, Wind, Donkey Kong
DonkeyKong-Stage9-9LargeDK (GB).png
Stage 9-9
Barrel, Donkey Kong

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese [1]
Spanish Torre Tower
French Tour Tower
Dutch Toren[2] Tower
German Turm Tower


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