Super Mario-kun Volume 11

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Super Mario-kun Volume 11
Issue 11 of Super Mario-kun
Publisher Shogakukan
Label Coro Coro Comics
Artist(s) Yukio Sawada
Release date Japan October 28, 1994
France November 23, 2016
Spain February 20, 2018
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Super Mario-kun Volume 11 is the eleventh volume of the manga series. It continues the Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 arc anticipated in the previous volume and follows with a one-chapter story based on Donkey Kong for Game Boy and the beginning of the Wario's Woods arc. This volume's extras are puzzles.



Stage 1[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 11 chapter 1 cover

もくひょうキッチンとう!! クララぐんだんをたおせ!! (To Kitchen Island!! Defeat the Helmut Troops!!)

After the events of the last chapter, Mario, Wario, and Yoshi are organizing to go to Kitchen Island, using the Wanderin' Goom (only survivor of the battle) as a guide. Yoshi fabricates a boat and the group heads to the Brown Sugar Pirates' island. Once in sight of Kitchen Island, Wario notices the boat is melting: only then does Yoshi reveal that he made it out of mud, much to Mario's exasperation. The group sinks to the bottom of the ocean, where Yoshi decides to eat the Wanderin' Goom, having served its purpose. In a desperate attempt to be spared, the Goom points to a "more delicious seashell". Yoshi gets near it, but it is revealed to be a Muncher that starts chomping on Yoshi. The Goom tries to escape, but he is caught by Yoshi's tongue and later burned, alongside Yoshi and the Muncher, by Mario's fireball.

In the meantime, Wario has spent the time collecting the coins around them and finds a strange creature similar to a mussel and tries to eat it. The creature, which presents itself as a Helmut, urinates in Wario's mouth, hurting him and reverting him into Tiny Wario's form. The Helmut calls his friends and they all attack Mario (since Wario hid behind a rock). With the help of Yoshi's fart bubbles, the Helmuts are defeated, but a giant Helmut, the mother appears. Being scared of her giant spikes, Mario, Yoshi, and Wario flee, finding another underwater enemy, a Pinwheel. Seeing Mama Kurara approaching, Mario grabs the Pinwheel and tosses it at her, cutting her in half. In a boomerang effect, the Pinwheel comes back and, right before he can cut off Mario as well, Wario, having found a Viking helmet, becomes Bull Wario and crushes the enemy.

Stage 2[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 11 chapter 2 cover

あらしふな!?たからさがしはぜんなん!! (A stormy departure!? Treasure hunting is difficult!!)

With a paper boat made out of CoroCoro mangas, the trio continues their journey to Kitchen Island, but the paper boat quickly melts in the water. Wario holds onto a log that refuses to share with Mario and Yoshi, but the latter eats it. Mario then pulls out a Frog Suit to swim towards shore, but the other two jump in the suit as well, stretching it and finally breaking it. The suit's burst sends the trio flying right onto Rice Beach.

After agreeing they should stop fighting for everything and actually cooperate with each other, they start collecting the coins they find on the beach. A group of Pirate Gooms notices them and one of them tosses its spear towards Mario. Unaware of the attack, unlike Yoshi, Mario leans forward to collect a coin and the spear hits Wario, shrinking him down. Being powerless, Wario joins the Pirate Gooms, much to everyone's shock. While the Gooms argue with Wario about his decision, Mario attacks them, neutralizing all of them and running away. Wario tries to reunite with them after taking the coins, but he is slowed down and reached by the Gooms.

Mario and Yoshi hide behind a rock, which is actually the tip of a Yadorā's shell. The Yadorā grabs Mario and flings him up and down. Meanwhile, Wario finds another Viking Helmet and uses it. With his now regained strength, Bull Wario defeats the Gooms and destroys the Yadorā's shell, saving Mario, but the crab is not in the shell. One of the Gooms explains that Yadorās quickly grow and have to find a new house, like the pile of rocks behind them. The large Yadorā hits Wario, turning him back into Tiny Wario and then turns to face Mario. While avoiding its rocks and being pinched by the claws, Mario asks Yoshi to read in a guide how to defeat a Yadorā: Yoshi reads that they either have to hit the back of its shell or toss a 10-Coin at it.

Unable to hit the back, Mario decides to go for the 10-Coin strategy. When Yoshi asks him how, he hits Wario on the nose with a stick, turning him into a 10-Coin. Mario then proceeds to slam Wario onto the Yadorā and the remaining Goom, defeating them and knocking Wario out cold.

Stage 3[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 11 chapter 3 cover

ていだいけっせん!! チビワリオのだいかつやく!? (Underground Battle!! Tiny Wario's Great Success!?)

Stage 4[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 11 chapter 4 cover

たかみをして!! マリオのとうざんだいとっくん!? (Aiming high!! Mario's special mountaineering training!?)

Stage 5[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 11 chapter 5 cover

どうくつたいけつ!! ブルワリオもうとつしん!! (Cave Showdown!! Bull Wario Rush!!)

Stage 6[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 11 chapter 6 cover

トゲブロスのちょうせん!!いっぱつじゃくてんおおしょう!? (Challenge of Spiked Koopa!! Big game of weak points!?)

Stage 7[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 11 chapter 7 cover

たきのぼちょうじょうさくせん!! たからものにはすな!? (Operation reach the top of the waterfall!! Don't touch the treasure!?)

Stage 8[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 11 chapter 8 cover

魔法マジック道具アイテムかくとく!! カビはみちなさけ!? (Acquired magical tools!! Mold is compassionate for the hot springs!?)

Stage 9[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 11 chapter 9 cover

ほのおけっとう!! にくいてもくな!? (Duel of flames!! Don't burn yourself even if you roast meat!?)

Stage 10[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 11 chapter 10 cover

とくべつばんがいへん!! ドンキーコングだいぎゃくしゅう!! (Special extra edition!! Donkey Kong's Great Counterattack!!)

Stage 11[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 11 chapter 11 cover

せつげんとう!! ゆきだるましきギャグたいけつ!? (Snowfield Deadly Fight!! Snowman-style showdown!?)

Stage 12[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 11 chapter 12 cover

ヒンヤリとうじょう!! ボクシングはらんにゅうOオーKケイ!? (Introducing Penguin!! Boxing is OK!?)

Stage 13[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 11 chapter 13 cover

ワリオのしんりゃく!! へいもりりもどせ!! (Wario Invasion!! Take back the Peaceful Woods!!)

Stage 14[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 11 chapter 14 cover

マリオはしょくざい!? ちゅうもんおおりょうてん!! (Mario is an ingredient!? A restaurant with many orders!!)

Stage 15[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 11 chapter 15 cover

ゴーラ{ruby|乱|らん}}しん!? ダイヤモンドはえいえんに!! (Goro's madness!? Diamonds for everyone!!)

Stage 16[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 11 chapter 16 cover

デコボコタッグけっせい!! もう一つの序章プロローグ!! (Uneven tag team formed!! Another introduction!!)


マリオスーパー運動会迷路・パズル (Mario Super Sport Day Maze / Puzzle)

  1. おおだまいろがし (Big rolling balls):
  2. かいぶつたいこうパンきょうそう (Bread eating competition against monsters):
  3. マラソンめい (Marathon maze):
  4. キャサリンのおうえん (Birdo's support):
  5. がけのぼきょうそう (Cliff climbing competition):