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Artwork of Fauster from Wario's Woods
Species Devil
First appearance Wario's Woods (NES) (1994)
Latest appearance NES Remix 2 (2014)
Sprite of Fauster from the NES version of Wario's Woods.

Fauster[1] is the first of the many bosses that Toad faces in Game B of the Round Game mode in the NES version of Wario's Woods. Fauster's name is likely derived from the titular character of the Faustian legend.


Wario's Woods[edit]

His boss battle takes place in the ninth round of the Game B mode. He is a purple, bat-winged, simian-like creature in red jester-like clothes who wields a pitchfork. Fauster has the ability to eliminate all bombs on-screen. Like the other bosses in the game, he is also able to relocate himself to different positions of the battlefield. If he re-materializes on Toad, Toad will be instantly defeated. He is also capable of summoning and throwing enemies around the stage.

Super Mario (KC Deluxe)[edit]

Fauster in Super Mario (Kodansha manga)
Fauster thanking Wario for freeing him.

In the Super Mario manga, Fauster is the main antagonist of the Wario's Woods volume. Ages ago, Fauster was terrorizing the Peaceful Woods and all of its fairies, until a brave Toad defeated the demon and sealed him in a rock prison hidden under a magic rock. A young Wario, escaping from the Bees, finds the rock and manages to free Fauster. To reward him, Fauster lends him his minions (the game's monsters) to grant any of his wishes, one of which is marrying Peach. Mario, aided by the clumsy fairy Wanda, armed with the helm of the Toad hero, tries to stop Wario. Needing a new body to take matters into his own hands, Fauster possesses Wario, but is once again sealed into stone by Wanda and Mario.

Some time later, Mario and his friends welcomes a newborn Luigi into the family, while Wario is reincarnated into a baby and later returns to Earth to free Fauster once again. Fauster now requires a sacrifice to regain his full powers. Wario kidnaps Luigi and uses him as the sacrificing lamb. Fauster summons some of his minions and corrupts the fairy diamond to turn them into stone (Wanda, however, manages to save herself having been recently banned from the fairy clan) and take over the forest. Later, he summons four of his allies: Boom, Seizer, Mad, and lastly Drago. The four of them keep Mario and his friends distracted enough to conclude the sacrifice, and Fauster is reborn into the form of a giant demonic Luigi and manages to conquer the entire world by summoning more of his monsters to completely flood the Earth with them. Mario, wearing the Toad hero's helm and aided by Peach and Wanda, grows bigger and defeats Fauster once and for all, saving his brother and punishing Wario.

Super Mario-kun[edit]

Fauster only appears once in Super Mario-kun, in the Wario's Woods arc in volume 11. Fauster is the first enemy encountered by the heroes. He simply stabs Mario's bottom with his pitchfork and summons many monsters, which are ultimately defeated. Furious, Wario turns him into a pastry and viciously munches on him in frustration, presumably killing him in the process.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アクマン[2]
Derived from「悪魔」(akuma, devil) and possibly "man"

Italian Fauster


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