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Species Mermaid
First appearance Wario's Woods (SNES) (1994)
“I see you have come to learn my brilliant strategies. You are over confident my friend. I want to see your best techniques.”
Aqualea, Wario's Woods
Aqualea pre-battle.

Aqualea is the eighth level boss in the VS COM mode of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version of Wario's Woods. She is a mermaid with a pink tail and blue hair. Aqualea also has fins covering her gills where ears would be on a human. Aqualea is very bitter, vain, and overconfident in her own abilities; she also believes that she is irresistible and that her competitors lose just to be able to face her again. Despite this, Aqualea calls her opponent Toad overconfident as a result of his previous victories.

Aqualea bears a strong resemblance to Mad, another mermaid boss from the Nintendo Entertainment System version of Wario's Woods.