Harry H

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Not to be confused with Harry Hedgehog.
Harry H
Harry H from the SNES version of Wario's Woods
First appearance Wario's Woods (SNES) (1994)
“Only two more monsters to go, woodlands hero. I didn't think you would get this far. You must do your best if you wish to pass.”
Harry H, Wario's Woods

Harry H is the seventeenth boss that Toad faces and the final opponent before Toad faces Wario in VS COM mode of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version of Wario's Woods. He is a humanoid rabbit wearing a blue suit, along with light purple pants and red shoes. Additionally, he calls Toad "woodlands hero". Compared to previous mini-bosses, his mannerisms are a stark contrast, although he does seem a bit broken-hearted about his defeat.

The "H" in his name may have been meant to imply Hare.