Super Mario-kun Volume 19

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Super Mario-kun Volume 19
Super Mario-kun manga volume 19 coverSuper Mario-kun manga volume 19 back cover
Publisher Shogakukan
Label Coro Coro Comics
Artist(s) Yukio Sawada
Release date Japan September 28, 1998
France November 14, 2018
Spain January 23, 2020
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Super Mario-kun Volume 19 concludes the Super Mario 64 story arc of the previous installment in the series and begins the arc covering the events in Yoshi's Story. It features Mario, six unique Baby Yoshis, and Poochy as main characters, with Luigi and Yoshi making appearances throughout. Bowser serves as the antagonist until the conclusion of the Super Mario 64 arc, but Baby Bowser becomes the primary antagonist in chapter four as the story moves into the Yoshi's Story arc.



Stage 1[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 19 chapter 1
Finally the end!? 64 Battle!

スーパーマリオ64編: 第1面 ついに決着!? 64バトル! (Super Mario 64 arc: Stage One. Finally the end!? 64 Battle!)

The story begins where the previous installment left off, with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and a Bob-omb Buddy arriving at the final course. As they set off, a pair of Goombas alert Bowser to their presence. The group meets the Whomp King, who has been reduced to a tiny size after being defeated by Mario on two prior occasions (in volume 15 and volume 18). He says that his wife and children have left him and he has been expelled from Bowser's Koopa Troop. Mario tries to step on him, but Yoshi intervenes because he feels sorry for the Whomp King and delivers a brief, impassioned speech to that effect.

As they near the end of the course they encounter an army of enemies, but they end up destroying themselves and the group continues to the star-shaped final battlefield. Bowser appears and dons a powered suit and releases a powerful barrage of attacks on the group, who are only saved thanks to a magic carpet that shields them with its body. Bowser defeats the carpet with his fire breath (and Yoshi uses the charred carpet as a stove to cook okonomiyaki). Faced with such a well-equipped enemy, Mario muses that he wishes he had a Super Scope to use against him. Suddenly one appears, delivered by none other than the Whomp King, who had a change of heart after Yoshi showed him kindness.

Yoshi takes the Super Scope and prepares to fire on Bowser. Realizing there is trouble, Bowser activates his Combat Evasion Ability to escape. The others are alarmed, but he only holds up a sign in the final frame that reads "次回につづく (To be continued)."

Stage 2[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 19 chapter 2
Temendous strength using a hundred Marios!?

第2面 百人マリオで百人力!? (Stage Two. Tremendous strength using a hundred Marios!?)[note 1]

Just as Yoshi is about to use the Super Scope on Bowser, he falls asleep from staying in one position for too long. Mario yells at him, but Yoshi points out that the same thing happened to Bowser. They startle him awake, and as Yoshi is about to deliver the final blow, Bowser distracts him by performing a flurry of magic tricks. While Yoshi is clapping, Bowser steals the Super Scope, but the Whomp King initiates a self destruct mechanism on the Super Scope and it explodes in Bowser's hands, destroying the powered suit.

With the weapon no longer a factor and the powered suit destroyed, the battle goes into "round two." Bowser asks them to hold one while he makes a phone call and orders a large special pizza. When it arrives, the pizza "toppings" are an army of bad guys. Though facing an impossible situation, Yoshi decides to make a phone call as well and orders a bowl of ramen. He turns to Bowser and asks if he was aware that he once gave Mario 100 lives, referring to his brief appearance in the game.[note 2] When the ramen arrives, it is topped with 100 Marios, who jump into action and attack the army on Bowser's special pizza. The weight of all the additional characters on the battlefield causes it to collapse and the lot of them end up in front of the castle.

Bowser mobilizes his army, but the 100 Marios do not want to fight anymore. Mario wants to give up, but Princess Peach arrives to encourage him. Bowser captures her and unleashes a group of Monty Moles who pelt them with rocks. Just then, they are rescued by a group of allies, including Whomp King, King Bob-omb, Wiggler, and Dorrie. The two opposing armies charge at each other (trampling Mario in the process) as the chapter comes to a close.

Stage 3[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 19 chapter 3
The Fierce Fighting Finale! Mario VS Bowser!!

第3面 激闘に終止符! マリオVSクッパ!! (Stage Three: The Fierce Fighting Finale! Mario VS Bowser!!)

As the armies collide, a chaotic battle ensues. King Bob-omb takes on multiple enemies at once, but is eventually damaged by a Bullet Bill. Yoshi proceeds to eat many of the enemies, but is then bitten himself by a Chain Chomp, who in turn is eaten by Dorrie who is being ridden by Whomp King. With the minor enemies dealt with, Whomp King urges them to proceed to the top of the mountain to challenge Bowser.

Wiggler, equipped with new tread-style feet, gives Mario and Yoshi a ride, leaving Luigi behind. As they ascend, a Lakitu dumps a basket of Banana Peels in their path, making Wiggler spin-out. They are immediately attacked by a fleet of Snufits and Spindrifts. Mario draws the Spindrifts into the Snufits' line of fire, but Wiggler entered a cocoon after spinning-out, giving the others no escape route from the airborne attack.

Suddenly, the cocoon opens and Wiggler emerges as a Flutter, who goes into a blind rage and begins decimating Bowser's army. With Flutter on their side, the tide turns in Mario's favor. As they approach Bowser, however, he surrounds himself with powerful stone enemies, including Thwomps and Eyeroks, and claims that Mario cannot break through his stone defenses. But Mario's army becomes metal after using Mario's Power Stars to acquire green blocks and easily destroy the stone enemies and rescue Peach. The metal power wears off before they can deal with Bowser, but he is still outnumbered and facing certain defeat.

Bowser suddenly apologizes and starts crying. But Mario assures him that he fought well and that they had a nice fight, and offers him a handshake. When Bowser accepts the handshake, he squeezes Mario's hand too hard on purpose and they start bickering again. In the end, Peach makes cake for everyone while Mario and Bowser tug on each other's faces and hair, ending the Super Mario 64 arc.

Stage 4[edit]

Text Translation:
A bunch of new characters! The Yoshi's Island arc is starting!

第4面 新キャラぞくぞく! ヨッシー島編が始まるよ! (Stage Four: A bunch of new characters! The Yoshi's Island arc is starting!)

The Yoshi's Story arc begins with an introduction to Yoshi's Island and the Super Happy Tree, which keeps all the Yoshis happy. As the Yoshis are enjoying themselves, Baby Bowser appears and steals the tree. First the Yoshis beg and cry for the tree to be returned, but when Baby Bowser shows no mercy, they demand it back and are about to attack when he suddenly casts a spell on them.

Before the fate of the Yoshis can become clear, the scene turns to Mario and Luigi sitting on a raft with Yoshi, who is taking them on a Yoshi's Island sightseeing tour. Yoshi becomes concerned when they reach the general area and he cannot find the island. Just then, they spot a picture book floating in the water. Mario hears voices calling for help from within, and as he opens the book to read it he is suddenly turned into a bookmark and sucked inside, leaving Luigi and Yoshi on the raft with the book.

As he regains consciousness, Mario meets a Message Block who explains that Baby Bowser's magic transformed the island into a picture book and that the only way to return it to normal is to retrieve the Super Happy Tree. The Message Block shows Mario where the last six Yoshi Eggs are and they quickly hatch. Mario tries to explain the situation to them, but because they are still babies they are easily distracted. Eventually he gets their attention and they set off together to find the Super Happy Tree.

They quickly run into a Pak E. Derm, who blocks their way, but luckily Light Blue has a Nintendo book that explains how to turn him over using a Hip Drop, which Red does successfully. Unfortunately, all the other Yoshis want to try the hip drop as well, which bounces Pak E. Derm all over the place and makes him angry. He quickly dispatches all the Yoshis except for Pink and Mario. Pink tries to use his "Sexy Attack," which fails miserably, and Mario intervenes. Mario is also unsuccessful, but just then the Yoshis recover and attack Pak E. Derm with their Yoshi eggs. The attack works, and afterwards the Yoshis proceed to eat the Pak E. Derm carcass, much to Mario's dismay.

In the last panel, Yoshi closes the book and laughs at the contents of the first chapter, which he can read along with as events unfold.

Stage 5[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 19 chapter 5
Beloved Poochy! The dog who does his best for everyone!!

第5面 愛犬ポチ! みんあのためにかんばるワン!! (Stage Five: Beloved Poochy! The dog who does his best for everyone!!)

Within Baby Bowser's Castle, Baby Bowser and his Toady minions are eating the fruit of the Super Happy Tree. Though the fruit does make them happy, Baby Bowser's spell has also entrapped them in the picture book, and the Toadies implore him to use his magic to get them out. Unfortunately, he says he does not know how, but does not seem to care as long as he has the fruit of the Tree to keep him happy, much to the distress of the Toadies.

Meanwhile, the Yoshis continue on their quest for the Tree, and Light Blue decides it is probably on the last page of the book. Just then, Poochy appears, and, though Mario tries to explain that Poochy is a friend, Red mistakes him for an enemy and eats him. Yellow, in tears, demands that Red spits him out, so he releases Poochy in an egg. When the egg hatches, Poochy emerges unharmed, and he and Yellow immediately bond.

Mario tries to get Poochy to shake, but instead Poochy bites his hand and starts ingesting the rest of him. The Yoshis all try to get Mario out, but they are not successful until Light Blue suggests taking the path of least resistance and pushing Mario in, triggering Poochy's gag reflex. In all the commotion, no one noticed that a Fuzzy Wiggler had approached them. Red assumes it is another friend, but Mario exclaims that it really is an enemy this time and sends him in to fight. Though the others are afraid at first, Red assures the others that there is only one of him and six of them, so they cannot lose. But the Fuzzy Wiggler divides into six parts and manages to defeat everyone except for Mario, Yellow, and Poochy.

Mario snatches the Mushroom from atop the Wriggler's head, assuming it is a Super Mushroom. But it turns out to be a Poison Mushroom and he shrinks. With no one to fight with him, Yellow tries to run away. Poochy defends him, and ends up defeating the Fuzzy Wiggler though Mario gets caught up in the crossfire and is nearly eaten. All the Yoshis praise Poochy, ignoring an injured Mario. He gets even more fed up when Poochy poops on him and he yells at Poochy, calling him a stupid dog and telling him to go away.

The next morning, to everyone's distress, Poochy is gone. Light Blue says that he has heard that when it is time for a dog to die, it will wander off to be alone. Yellow flies into a panic and blames Mario, who feebly replies amid tears that he did not think Poochy would actually run away. Green organizes everyone into a search party, but Poochy does not seem to be anywhere. Just then, Mario notices him off the edge of a cliff. He and Yellow rush down to check on him and discover that he is only sleeping. Yellow and Poochy have a heartfelt reunion and Red is moved to tears. In the final panel, he poops on one of the Yoshis, eats Light Blue's fruits, and poops on Mario's head, and Mario yells at him to go away again, but Poochy just barks happily.

Stage 6[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 19 chapter 6
The duel! Choosing the T.C.Y. leader!!

第6面 ザ・タイマン! T.C.Y.リーダーを決める!! (Stage Six: The duel! Choosing the T.C.Y. leader!!)

Mario decides that today is Team Chibi Yoshis Day, and says that since everyone has to work as a team in order to retrieve the Super Happy Tree, a team leader must be chosen. Green breaks the fourth wall and points out that he was already called the team leader back on page 61. But Pink, Red, and Yellow all rush in and say that they want to be team leader. But Pink mistook the "team leader" for a cheer leader, and Yellow confused "leader" with "recorder"; Light Blue felt he was not really the leader type, and Blue said he was not interested, which left only Green and Red vying for the position.

Mario sends Green and Red on a mission to get a Special Heart to decide who should be the team leader, saying that they will need wisdom, courage, and power to win. They set off, and neither is willing to lose. Obstacles they encounter along the way include Spiders, a large cliff, and timed platforms that fall out of the sky, all of which result in Red getting hurt in some way. Finally they reach a Mystery Crate that contains a Special Heart. But along with the prize, an Air Bag comes out. When Red tries to grab the Special Heart, the Air Bag releases a powerful gust of air, knocking him back. Green tries to grab the Special Heart using a ski jump, but he overshoots his target.

Pushed by his desire to become leader, Red tries to brave the fierce storm coming from the Air Bag and marches out into the headwind. But despite his best efforts, he cannot make any progress, and he is about to give up when Green gets behind him and gives him encouragement. He pushes him, trying to use their combined strength to reach the Special Heart. The wind blows them off their feet, but Red's shoe comes off and hits the bandage on the Air Bag, causing it to deflate, and Red claims the Special Heart.

Mario and the other Yoshis emerge from where they had been watching, and though Mario acknowledges that Red is the one who got the Special Heart, he makes Green, who supported his teammate from behind, the team leader, and Red is happy for him.

Stage 7[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 19 chapter 7
Let's get the Legendary Tehee Butterfly!!

第7面 伝説のウフフちょうをゲットしろ!! (Stage Seven: Let's get the Legendary Tehee Butterfly!!)[note 3]

The Yoshis are excited to celebrate Children's Day, and completely exhaust Mario by forcing him to play baseball with them and act as their Koinobori, their soccer ball, and a yo-yo.

In order to revive him from his nearly comatose state, Light Blue suggests they look for the legendary Tehee Butterfly, which supposedly had great restorative powers. Yellow spots one, who seems friendly enough, and calls the others, who run over in a frenzy. The Butterfly appears to run away as they give chase, but then it stops and changes color from light pink to dark blue. When it turns, its demeanor and appearance have turned aggressive and it starts chasing Green and Yellow.

Red announces he is not afraid and tries to attack, but the Butterfly changes shape so that it has a pointed head and uses the tip to poke Red in the butt.[note 4] The Butterfly proceeds to pull mean pranks on the Yoshis, giggling each time. After poking Red, it changes shape again into Blue's Diary,[note 5] which it reads aloud to embarrass him and makes him cry. When Pink speaks up in his defense, the Butterfly changes shape again into a school principle and yells at him to take off his bow, makeup, and not to run in the halls.[note 6] Lastly, it changes shape into a can of insect repellent and sprays them.[note 7]

Just then, Green eats several of the same fruit in a row, greatly increasing his happiness, and thereby his power. He takes out the Tehee Butterfly in a single punch, and the Yoshis return to feed it to Mario. Pink reminds them to feed Mario the Butterfly while it is pink, but just as they put it in his mouth it turns blue. In the final frame, Mario's energy returns and he flies into a rage.

Stage 8[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 19 chapter 8
The Legendary hero, Black Yoshi! His true form is...!?

第8面 伝説の勇者、黒ヨッシー! その正体は!? (Stage Eight: The Legendary hero, Black Yoshi! His true form is...!?)

One morning, when Mario wakes up the Yoshis, Green rushes over and exclaims that he was rescued from an enemy by a Black Yoshi. Everyone dismisses it as a dream, but Green is convinced it really happened and idolizes the Black Yoshi as his hero. Meanwhile, Light Blue takes out his latest invention, a yo-yo that detects treasure, which he hopes will help them find useful items for their quest.

The yo-yo detects a Special Heart, a cache of coins, and some fruits, among other things. It suddenly starts spinning furiously, indicating a special treasure, and when they follow it they discover a dinosaur skull. Light Blue determines that it is not from the Jurassic or Cretaceous periods, and must be a new species. He suggests that, if they can carefully excavate it without damaging it, it might be worth 10,000 coins. At first Red tries to use a jackhammer, but Light Blue yells at him and so they begin excavating it using small mallets. As they are working, Yellow starts digging where Poochy is barking and unearths a second dinosaur head, and Blue and Pink unearth a third. Light Blue gets so excited and impassioned about the discovery he can hardly speak coherently.

What they did not realize, however, was that they were actually unearthing a Bone Dragon. Light Blue is so excited when it speaks that he starts to cry, but it attacks them with its fire breath and squashes them when they try to play dead. They run to Mario for help, but he says that if he always helps them they will not grow up, so he runs off and leaves them to fend for themselves. They try to use eggs against the Bone Dragon next, but it fries them with its fire breath.

Mario, watching from the sidelines, realizes they need help, but is hesitant to simply jump in and rescue them. But as all hope seems lost for the Yoshis, Black Yoshi suddenly appears and challenges the Bone Dragon. All the Yoshis are impressed by his bravery, but especially Green, who is a bit starstruck. As the Yoshis cheer from the sidelines, Black Yoshi confronts the Bone Dragon and plugs a Nintendo 64 Controller equipped with a Rumble Pak into its skull. Black Yoshi incapacitates it using the rumble functionality and sends in the Yoshis to finish it off. Black Yoshi commends them for a job well done before taking off, and Green says that the Black Yoshi is even cooler than Mario.

While everyone else wonders where Mario had gone off to, Light Blue finds him crouching behind a rock removing the Black Yoshi costume he had been wearing to fool the others. He considers telling the others that Black Yoshi had been Mario in disguise all along, but decides not to and keeps the secret to himself.

Stage 9[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 19 chapter 9
Our man Mario! Becoming a Father!!

第9面 男、マリオ! 父になる!! (Stage Nine: Our man Mario! Becoming a Father!!)

The Yoshis notice a family of Huffin Puffins and look longingly after them. They start asking Mario about where their own parents are, and when his attempts to distract them are not working, he tells them that he will be their father, much to their delight. Light Blue explains that they have Father's Day in Japan and that it is a time to show appreciation towards one's father, so Green announces that today they will have their own Father's Day to show their appreciation for Mario.

They each make him gifts, but they all turn out badly, starting with a poorly drawn picture of his face. Red presents his gift first: a one hour massage. It starts off nicely, but when Mario asks him to press harder, Red gets carried away and ends up using wrestling moves on him. Yellow says he will give Mario some flowers as a gift, but actually plants seeds, has Poochy provide manure as fertilizer, and then asks Mario to wait while they grow. Light Blue says he invented a new mecha as a gift. Mario is initially impressed by its size and appearance and keeps praising Light Blue's efforts to the others, but when he asks what it does, it ends up being an automatic shaver. To make things worse, Yellow pushes a switch out of curiosity that increases the machine's power, which cuts up Mario's face and shaves much of his head. Mario is devastated, but Pink says he is made him a nice meal as a gift, which improves his mood. But the meal turns out to be a Shy Guy hot pot, which Mario says he cannot possibly eat. Pink is furious and starts to cry, exclaiming that he put his whole heart into preparing that meal for him, so Mario forces himself to eat it.

Meanwhile, Blue wanders off alone because he thinks the idea of Father's Day is boring. But as he is walking, he spots a Mystery Crate wrapped up with a ribbon like a present and imagines Mario praising him for bringing him such a nice present, so he takes it with him. Unbeknownst to him, the box belonged to two Shy Guys who decide to let him take it because of the trouble its contents will cause.

Blue returns and asks where Mario is, but he is incapacitated from eating the Sky Guy hot pot. Just then, a Puffer erupts from inside the mystery crate and starts attacking them. They call to Mario for help, but he is still comatose from the meal. Green says that Black Yoshi will arrive and save them, but Light Blue says he does not think he will be coming today. The Puffer continues its attack, and the two Shy Guys laugh as they watch the Yoshis, unable to win without Mario, from a distance. Just then, the Yoshis notice that the flowers Yellow planted earlier have grown thanks to the manure Poochy provided. They eat the flowers and, now fully powered up, attack the Puffer and make quick work of it.

Finally Mario recovers and notices the defeated enemy, which the Yoshis say is a present for him. But Mario retorts that they have done nothing but given him a terrible time. Green worriedly asks if that means he will not be their father anymore, and he answers that he will not. But in the final frame Mario is dressed up as a woman, says that he will be their mother, and asks for more presents.

Stage 10[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 19 chapter 10
Battle over the sky! T.C.Y. crisis!!

第10面 空の上の戦い! T.C.Y.大ピンチ!! (Stage Ten: Battle over the sky! T.C.Y. crisis!!)

The Yoshis travel into the clouds, following a clue Light Blue found in the newspaper. On the front page, a Black Shy Guy claims to have discovered the Super Happy Tree in the cloud stage. Initially everyone was excited to see the paper for themselves, since none of them knew what the Super Happy Tree looked like, but the picture only showed the Shy Guy and a supposed root of the Tree itself. They all start speculating as to what the tree might look like, since its supposed to make everyone happy; Red imagines it is some kind of gym where he can work out; Pink imagines it is a tree that grows attractive men; Blue imagines it has a large tree hollow where he can sit inside and be alone; Mario imagines it is carved into an image of Peach.

Then Yellow imagines that it is a tree that grows his favorite fruit, bananas, and says that he is happiest when he is eating his favorite fruit. All the other Yoshis agree. Mario draws a rough sketch of what a tree that grows all those fruits might look like, but they make fun of it. Just then, Mario seems redeemed as the Black Shy Guy appears, a tree in tow that looks very much like the one he drew. He offers to give the tree to them, much to their delight. But as they all start eating, the fruit taste terrible and starts sapping their power.

Just then, the Black Shy Guy removes his mask and reveals himself to actually be Baby Bowser in disguise. Mario is shocked, but the Baby Yoshis do not know who he is, and Green tries to introduce himself and give Baby Bowser his business card.

Baby Bowser sends a fleet of Goonies carrying bombs after them, and all the Yoshis are thrown off the clouds. Mario turns to face Baby Bowser alone, and he sends a Cloud N. Candy after him. Just then, Light Blue appears back on the cloud, having saved himself from falling by grabbing the edge of the cloud with his tongue. While Mario takes a thrashing, Light Blue tries to defeat the Cloud N. Candy by licking him repeatedly, but Baby Bowser reveals that it will not work because this is a specially modified enemy.

As they are about to fall off the edge of the clouds, Mario realizes that there is a small body hidden beneath the cloud form. Light Blue climbs back up and uses his tongue to pull the cloud off the main body, and Mario punches it away. It collides with Baby Bowser and they both tumble off the clouds. As Light Blue and Mario mourn the loss of the other Yoshis, a friendly Dragon suddenly appears, carrying the other five Yoshis and Poochy on its back. Baby Bowser, covered in bandages, is taken back to his castle by his Toadies.

Stage 11[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 19 chapter 11
Slug Mario, going berserk!!

第11面 ナメクジマリオ、 おおあばれ!! (Stage Eleven: Slug Mario, going berserk!!)

Mario, the Yoshis, and Poochy come upon a damp, depressing cave. As they venture in, the Yoshis, in great distress, and Poochy start growing hair all over their bodies. But Light Blue realizes it is actually mold and gets everyone to take a group photo of the strange occurrence. Red gathers some fruits for them to eat, but they have all begun to rot in the moisture of the cave. While they are distracted, a massive slug appears behind Mario, and they all start running in a frenzy, but Mario gets eaten. The slug begins to transform, and Mario's face erupts out of it. Light Blue surmises that he is somehow been absorbed into the slug, but since he continues attacking them, not all his personality traits were transferred (except for his stupidity, which survived the transformation).

Light Blue covers him in salt, drying him out and shriveling him up. Red decides to flush him down the toilet, but the water in the bowl revitalizes the slug and he comes out larger than before. Green tells everyone to throw eggs, but the rotten fruits they ate before produced "diarrhea eggs"[note 8] unfit for use as ammunition. The slug continues to chase them through the cave, but as all hope seems lost they come across a message block. Just as the message block is about to expose the slug's weak point, however, Poochy eats the latter half of its message. When they yell at Poochy, he defecates a large pile of poop, which Light Blue supposes the rest of the message must be inside. They force Yellow to go dig it out since he is Poochy's closest friend.

Yellow emerges with the word "Light" in his hand. Since they are in such a dark cave, Green says the only way they can produce enough light is by combining their power. They take off at a dash, and then, when the slug approaches, they charge at each other, hitting all of their heads together simultaneously in a brilliant flash of light. The slug vanishes and Mario returns to normal. Mario immediately makes fun of them for the large bumps they all have on their head, and they commence pummeling him.

Team Chibi Yoshis[edit]

Main article: Team Chibi Yoshis

Volume 19 also includes six special introductory pages for each of the baby Yoshis (on pages 20, 36, 68, 84, 124, and 140). Each page has a brief description of the Yoshi, a sketch of him, and a four-panel comic displaying a dominant aspect of his personality. Pages 170-179 are a series of separate four-panel comics following the Yoshis' antics.


  1. ^ The word play in the kanji here is as follows: 百人マリオ (lit. One hundred man Mario), translated "a hundred Marios," and 百人力 (lit. One hundred man strength), translated "Tremendous strength," both include the same stem, 百人, or one hundred man.
  2. ^ This is yet another instance of the word play in this chapter's title: the kanji for "100 lives" is 百人, or "100 men."
  3. ^ The Japanese name of the Tehee Butterfly is ウフフちょう (Ufufuchō), from ウフフ (Ufufu), the sound of giggling, and ちょう (Chō), the word for Butterfly.
  4. ^ This and the following pranks the Butterfly pulls are a series of word puns. The term for poking someone in such a way is かんちょう (Kanchō), the latter half of which is the word for Butterfly used in the Tehee Butterfly's name: ウフフちょう (Ufufuchō).
  5. ^ The word for Diary, にっきちょう (Nikkichō), again shares the common ending, ちょう (Chō).
  6. ^ The word for principle, こうちょう (Kouchō), again shares the common ending, ちょう (Chō).
  7. ^ The word for insect repellent, きんちょう (Kinchō), again shares the common ending, ちょう (Chō).
  8. ^ "くさったフルーツ食べたから、ゲリタマゴです~。"