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An Air Bag attached to a Mystery Crate

Air Bags,[1] also called Balloon-in-the-Boxes[2] or Melon Box-Balloon-in-the-Boxes,[3] are giant pink balloons that appear out of Mystery Crates in Yoshi's Story. An Air Bag can be revealed by shooting an egg at an unmovable crate. Air Bags attack by blowing air at a Yoshi. To defeat one, the Yoshi must throw an egg at the bandages on its belly. Air quickly rushes out of the Air Bag, which shrinks until it disappears, leaving a melon. Air Bags appear only in the level Surprise!!

An Air Bag also appears in the 19th volume of the Super Mario-kun manga as an obstacle protecting a Special Heart. Red Yoshi defeats it when one of his shoes accidentally flies off and impacts the Air Bag's bandage.

The name Air Bag is based on the real-life airbag, found in vehicles to prevent injury during a collision.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビックリン[4]
From「びっくり箱」(bikkuri-bako, jack-in-the-box)


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