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Cloud Puffer
The Cloud Puffer from Yoshi's Story

A Cloud Puffer is an obstacle that is found in Yoshi's Story. Cloud Puffers forcefully blow out air in a direction determined by arrows on their clouds. They tend to expel all of the air within them, only to inhale again and repeat the process. These objects are usually found around the sky areas. When a Yoshi attempts to approach a Cloud Puffer, the Cloud Puffer blows air to push the Yoshi away from it. These obstacles can alter the path of a Yoshi's descent when using a Bumber 'Chute, possibly causing a collision with an object. However, Cloud Puffers can be a help as well as a hindrance, as a Yoshi can use the air they expel to reach secret areas if an arrow points up.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Pustewölcken[citation needed]
Portmanteau of Pusten ("puff") and Wolke ("cloud")