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Yoshi's Story promotional artwork: Green Yoshi sniffing
The Green Yoshi sniffing near an apple

Sniffing, or the Sniff-Sniff,[1] is a basic special move that is found in Yoshi's Story. All the Yoshis in the game have the ability to sniff. To do so, the player must press and hold the R Button button to make a Yoshi start sniffing the ground for something valuable. The Yoshi can move while sniffing, but he does so more slowly than normal. When the Yoshi gets closer to something special, he starts to sniff faster; getting close to a secret causes a "!" to pop up above the Yoshi's head, indicating that the secret is nearby. Once the Yoshi is on the secret spot, he gets excited and begins yelping and waving his arms; the player can then ground-pound the spot to retrieve the secret.

In some levels, Poochy can also sniff out secret items. When he is in a secret item's location, he barks; a Yoshi can then ground-pound the spot to retrieve the secret.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese くんくん
Onomatopoeia for sniffing
French Sniff-Sniff[2] Onomatopoeia for sniffing
Italian Annusare
Sniffing out


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