Ghost (Yoshi's Story)

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The ghost flying overhead, with Yoshi, Baby Bowser and the Super Happy Tree under it
The ghost in Mario no Bōken Land
“What have we here? Mario's little pet! I have pets too! Let's all play together.”
Baby Bowser, Yoshi's Story

The ghost is a flying, green, snake-like enemy that appears in the final boss fight of Yoshi's Story. Baby Bowser rides on them, so if a Yoshi tries to throw an egg at Baby Bowser, the egg hits these ghosts. They are invincible, as the eggs merely bounce off of the ghosts. Instead, Yoshi has to either throw eggs at the ceiling (which is littered with spikes) to make the spikes fall down and land on Baby Bowser or explode the eggs in front of Baby Bowser's face.

The ghost appears in the Yoshi's Story segment of the manga, Mario no Bōken Land.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オバケ
German Spukel Dudel[citation needed] Pun on "Spuk" (Haunt)