P. 1-Beginning

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P. 1-Beginning
Screenshot of Yoshi's Story's ending
Game Yoshi's Story
Level(s) 4
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P. 1-Beginning is the first world of Yoshi's Story, making up the first page of the eponymous book. It takes place in a grassy area with simple challenges. As with the other pages, only one level can be played per playthrough. Unlike on the others, however, any of the four can be chosen by default. Since any can be played as the first level, they include tutorials on gameplay elements more complex than in Practice.

List of levels[edit]

Code Name/Image Icon Description/Note
1-1 Yoshi downs Pak E. Derm with a ground pound.
Treasure Hunt
Trial Mode icon for Treasure Hunt, from Yoshi's Story This level is mostly straightforward. It includes Pak E. Derms and a maze full of items and ambushing Shy Guys.
1-2 Surprise!!
Trial Mode icon for Surprise!!, from Yoshi's Story This level has a large number of Mystery Crates. Air Bags and a Balloon Bully also appear.
1-3 Rail Lift.png
Rail Lift
Trial Mode icon for Rail Lift, from Yoshi's Story This level contains many types of Shy Guys. Much of it takes place along high moving platforms.
1-4 Tower Climb.png
Tower Climb
Trial Mode icon for Tower Climb, from Yoshi's Story This level takes place on a toy block tower. Propeller Lifts and Turtle Cannons fill the area.