Don Bongo

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Don Bongo, the dinosaur-like enemy

“Try to dodge my bouncing blubber. Just don't hit my lips of rubber.”
Don Bongo, Yoshi's Story

Don Bongo is a boss from Yoshi's Story. He is fought at the end of Stage 3-4: Frustration. Don Bongo is a dinosaur-like creature with green skin and yellow spots, big red lips, a yellow stomach with stripes, and a big orange and yellow belly button. He somewhat resembles the game's depiction of Spikes. The "don" in Don Bongo's name may derive from the "don," the Spanish word for "lord", while "Bongo" may refer to the sound of his footsteps, which resemble the sound of a low drum such as a timpani.

Don Bongo attacks by stomping back and forth across the room, causing pots and pans to rain down from the ceiling. To defeat Don Bongo, Baby Yoshi has to hit him in the lips three times. After each hit, Don Bongo's lips swell, making them a somewhat easier target, although his movement becomes a lot faster after being hit twice. Baby Yoshi does not lose any health if he touches Don Bongo, simply bouncing off him instead. Only the items falling from the ceiling can hurt Baby Yoshi.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドンババ
Don Baba
Italian Don Bongo -