Miss Warp

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A Miss Warp jumping
“I'm NOT your enemy!”
Miss Warp, Yoshi's Story Instruction Booklet

Miss Warps[1] (also called Mr. Warps in an issue of Nintendo Power[2]) are helpful, round, egg-like people found in Yoshi's Story. They all sleep on the ground, but, when woken up by a Yoshi, they are helpful. There are four Miss Warps in each level in the game, all numbered from 1-4 depending on their distance from the start of the level. When a Yoshi wakes two or more up, the Miss Warp, when jumped upon, will throw the Yoshi to the next available Miss Warp in sequence. If a Yoshi loses all its health and is captured by Baby Bowser's Toadies, the next Yoshi will continue the level from the location of the highest numbered Miss Warp the Yoshis have reached.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワープちゃん
German Dickiwarp
Italian Miss Warp -


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