Lucky Fruit

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The "Reveal Lucky Fruit" screen

The Lucky Fruit is a gameplay mechanic in Yoshi's Story. Before each playthrough in Story Mode and Trial Mode, the game will randomly select a Lucky Fruit among the four regular fruits (apples, bananas, watermelons, and grapes) to serve as the Baby Yoshi's "yummiest" fruit until the game is completed. The Lucky Fruit rewards the Yoshi with eight ♥s (versus three for the Favorite Fruit and 100 ♥s for melons) and recovers all of the petals on a Yoshi's Smile Meter, even if the selected Yoshi color does not like the fruit.

In each level, there will be twelve of the selected Lucky Fruit to find, while there will be six of each of the other three "ordinary" fruits. When a Yoshi does a Ground Pound in Super Happy Yoshi mode, any Shy Guy onscreen is turned into the Lucky Fruit.