Broad Jump

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Broad Jump in Shy Guy Limbo from Yoshi's Story.
The Dark Blue Yoshi participating in Broad Jump in Shy Guy Limbo
Jump from the starting line! Fly far and you'll win lots of melons!”
Message Block, Yoshi's Story

Broad Jump is a special minigame in Yoshi's Story. In the areas where it takes place, seven melons with red numbers from one to seven can be found spaced apart from each other. After a Baby Yoshi hits the ? Block to make the START flag appear, they must jump from the flag to begin the minigame, as attempting to run through the START flag results in an instant failure. Once the minigame begins, the Baby Yoshi must attempt to go past all seven melons through any means possible, such as continuously flutter-jumping while moving or utilizing Cloud Puffers to gain height. When the Baby Yoshi touches the ground, a melon with the number of melons that have been won is displayed before a Lakitu appears and delivers the melons that the Baby Yoshi has won from the minigame.