Jelly Pipe

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Jelly Pipe
Jelly Pipe
Level code 2 - 3
Game Yoshi's Story
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The Jelly Pipe is the third Cavern level in Yoshi's Story. It takes place in a sewer with jelly in many recesses on the floor and ceiling. According to the Nintendo Power guide for the game, this jelly was created by the slug found in the level.[1] This level also introduces Jelly Ghosts, Do-Drops, Big & Little Boos, and Spiked Fun Guys.


The level begins with the Baby Yoshi falling down onto jelly. Moving forwards, the player encounters pools of jelly on the floor and ceiling with fruit in both and a Jelly Ghost in the pool on the floor. The first Miss Warp is found near the first pool of jelly. After the jelly pool on the ceiling are two vertical drops with a downward slope between them where two Tehee Butterflies block the way. At the end is another jelly pool on the floor that contains coins. Soon after is another jelly pool with a low spiky ceiling. The player must walk slowly on the jelly in order to sink into it and avoid the spikes. The level then splits into a top and bottom path. Taking the bottom path allows a Special Heart to be collected with the help of the nearby Mystery Crate. The two paths converge and lead to a vertical shaft. Partway down the shaft is a path to the left that contains two alcoves that have a melon and a pipe to the other section of the level, respectively. Dropping to the bottom of this path lead to a pool of jelly with a Jelly Ghost and a path to the right. Remaining in the main shaft leads to a bed of spikes at the bottom with some platforms slightly above and a shaft to the right. The two paths converge and lead to three small jelly pools with a Jelly Ghost that can move between them. After the pools are a pipe that leads to the beginning of the level, the second Miss Warp, and a vase which leads to a room containing the slug. Beating the slug reveals another Special Heart.

The second section is a large vertical area with five sets of Big & Little Boos and holes that continuously release Spiked Fun Guys. The third and fourth Miss Warps are found on the left and right side of the area, respectively. Poochy is found at the bottom of the room. Ground Pounding the ground near him cause two platforms to appear, allowing access to the third Special Heart. The top-most stone covering the Special Heart contains a White Shy Guy inside.

Other information[edit]

Message Block hints[edit]

-It Must Be Jelly- -Look Out- -Who's Boo?- -A Giant Slug-

Slick and slimy, red and blue, try walking on this mysterious goo.
If you see a ghost in the jelly, ground pound his head or try to run away.

If you bump the spikes, you'll get hurt. Do your best to stay alert.

Big or small, a ghostly Boo, will move the opposite direction as you.
The Control Stick moves up, down, and all around. Plan your moves with great care.

This slimy creep likes the dark. He hides away from fireworks.

Storybook segment[edit]

The Yoshis decided to take a shortcut through a pipe that went underground. Below it was dark and damp, and the creatures that lived there were ugly and slimy. They were scared, but they crawled through. What could be at the other end?




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ぷるぷるゼリーな どかん
Purupuru zerī na dokan
Jiggling Jelly Pipe

French Canaux visqueux
Viscous channels
German Glibbertunnel
Goo tunnel



  1. ^ Leung, Jason, Terry Munson, and Scott Pelland. Yoshi's Story Player's Guide. Page 37. "Jelly Pipe The Yoshis stumble across a pipe that leads underground. If they decide to enter the Jelly Pipe, they’d better be ready to take on the thing that coated the entire tunnel with slime—a giant slug."