Fruit Frame

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Yoshi in the level Treasure Hunt.
The Fruit Frame borders the screen.
“Use the L Button to turn off the Fruit Frame, and resize it with the + Control Pad.”
Message Block, Yoshi's Story

The Fruit Frame is a special game mechanic in Yoshi's Story. As its name suggests, the Fruit Frame frames the action onscreen. Specifically, the Fruit Frame displays the fruits the Baby Yoshis have eaten on the current stage. The fruits are displayed in order of their collection, starting with the first fruit in the upper left corner next to the Smile Meter, then circling clockwise with each subsequent fruit around the screen. White dots are used as placeholders until all 30 fruits are collected. The Fruit Frame can be turned off and on by pressing the L Button button and adjusted by using +Control Pad.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フルーツフレーム[1]
Furūtsu Furēmu
Fruit Frame