The Tall Tower

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The Tall Tower
Tall Tower.png
World-Level 3 - 2
Game Yoshi's Story
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Yoshi must fill up the Fruit Frame to battle the boss.

The Tall Tower is Stage 3-2 in Yoshi's Story. Inviso acts as the boss of the stage.

Many springs and small platforms can be found within the large tower. Ravens and Peepers can be found on the way to the tower's highest point as well. Many of the areas are filled with Ball 'N' Chains, as well as many small, Raven-inhabited planets. Even ComBats live in the higher floors. During the level, the Yoshis can find a few leaves to surf the air on; they can ride across large gaps and collect many Heart Coins this way.

Haunting the very top of the tower is the transparent ghost, Inviso. Despite what he says (and what his name implies), he can only become near invisible. Although he appears to vanish, his surroundings reflect on him.

Other Information[edit]

Storybook Segment[edit]

The Yoshis saw a tall tower; maybe they could see a happy ending from there. After a tough climb, the Yoshis found Inviso waiting for them at the top. With a closer look, they beat the invisible ghost and saw a castle far away.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たかいぞ Qちゃんのとう
Takai zo Q-chan no tō
Tall Tower of Ravens
French Tour Sboïng!! Sboïng tower!!
German Spiralturm Spiral tower