Cloud Cruising

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Cloud Cruising
Cloud Cruising
Level code 3 - 1
Game Yoshi's Story
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Cloud Cruising is the aerial level 3-1 in Yoshi's Story. In this level, the Yoshi must ride on snakes that climb higher and higher into the sky. Also in the level is a friendly green dragon that the Yoshi can ride while it curves up and down. Big Flying Shy Guys fly around directly in front of the "pathways", trying to hit Yoshi. Cloud N. Candy is fought at the end of this stage.

Other information[edit]

Storybook segment[edit]

As the Yoshis were walking, they found a trail of clouds that led to the sky. The Yoshis were afraid of falling, but they walked on the clouds anyway. Up in the sky, they met Cloud N. Candy, who was mean, but tasted sweet.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese くものあいだを ぬけて
Kumo no aida o nukete
Traveling Through the Clouds
Chinese 乘云驾雾
Chéng yún jià wù
Reference to a chengyu "腾云驾雾" (téngyúnjiàwù, literally ride the clouds and harness the mists)
French Virée céleste Heavenly trip
German Himmelstour Sky tour


  • The level 7-3 in World 7 of New Super Mario Bros. is partly comparable to Cloud Cruising, as one section has an area where Mario rides on a giant Wiggler, similar to the area where the Yoshi rides on the dragon.
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