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Artwork of a Puffer from Yoshi's Story
Artwork from Yoshi's Story
First appearance Yoshi's Story (1997)

Puffers[1] are enemies in Yoshi's Story. They inhabit Blargg's Boiler, although one also appears in the Magma Castle. They seem to be some sort of elephant. They shoot balls of energy, which tend to light up the place. Puffers are a favorite food of a Light Blue Yoshi and Yellow Yoshi.


  • Shogakukan guide: ここだけの話だけど、黄色と水色ヨッシーの大好物。[2] (Just between you and me, they are Yellow and Light Blue Yoshis' favorite food.)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パオ[2]
Possibly from「パオーン」(paōn, Japanese onomatopoeia for an elephant's trumpeting)

German Pft-Pft[3]


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