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“My fiery breath is very hot! Those spiked balls are certainly not!”
Cloudjin, Yoshi's Story
Yoshi about to battle Cloudjin

Cloudjin is a cloud genie that was sent by Baby Bowser to patrol the mountains of Yoshi's Island in the game Yoshi's Story. As such, a Yoshi must fight him after collecting thirty fruits in Stage 3-3: Poochy and Nippy. He attacks by using large, spiked, iron balls and causes them to roll down slippery teeter-totters, and breathes fire at Yoshi. However, three shots in the stomach by a Yoshi Egg (while he is tangible) defeat Cloudjin, allowing Yoshi to continue. Cloudjin is one of the five bosses found in the game. His name is a combination of "cloud" and "djinn" which is the Arab word for "genie."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese にゅうどうさん
「入道」 Nyūdō is a casual Japanese term for a bodybuilding monk, but it can also be short for 「入道雲」 Nyūdōgumo, meaning thunderhead, of which the shaved head of a monk was said to resemble and additionally named after 「大入道」 Ōnyūdō; essentially Cumulonimbus-san.
German Wolkendschinn Cloud genie