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Artwork of Cloudjin from Yoshi's Story
Species Jinn
First appearance Yoshi's Story (1997)
“My fiery breath is very hot! Those spiked balls are certainly not!”
Cloudjin, Yoshi's Story
Yoshi about to battle Cloudjin

Cloudjin is a cloud genie that was sent by Baby Bowser to patrol the mountains of Yoshi's Island in the game Yoshi's Story. As such, a Yoshi must fight him after collecting 30 fruits in Stage 3-3: Poochy & Nippy. He attacks by using large spiked balls and causes them to roll down slippery teeter-totters, and breathes fire at the Yoshi. However, three shots in the stomach by a Yoshi's egg (while he is tangible) defeat Cloudjin, allowing the Yoshi to continue. Cloudjin is one of the five bosses found in the game. His name is a combination of "cloud" and "djinn," which is the Arab word for "genie."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese にゅうどうさん
From「入道雲」(nyūdōgumo, cumulonimbus) and「さん」(san, Japanese honorific suffix)
German Wolkendschinn Cloud genie