Black Shy Guy (Yoshi's Story)

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Black Shy Guy
Black Shy Guy artwork for Yoshi's Story
Artwork of a propellerless Black Shy Guy
First appearance Yoshi's Story (1997)
Variant of Flying Shy Guy
Black Shy Guy
“-Black Shy Guy?- This Shy Guy does not look yummy. Eating him might hurt the tummy.”
Message Block, Yoshi's Story

Black Shy Guys are an aggressive type of Flying Shy Guy found in Yoshi's Story. Unlike with normal Flying Shy Guys, performing a Ground Pound near them does not affect them in any way. They seem to have a horrible taste to Yoshis because after eating one, they look disgusted and lose three petals from their Smile Meter. Eating a Black Shy Guy also nullifies the Super Happy form. Black and White Yoshis seem to be able to tolerate Black Shy Guys and gain two petals. When a Black Shy Guy is eaten, it turns into an egg with black spots. These Shy Guys first appear in Poochy & Nippy. In this level, the Black Shy Guys swoop down from above the screen, dropping bombs on top of the Yoshis. This can be used to the Yoshis' advantage by causing them to break rock blocks. Black Shy Guys also appear on Page 6, hovering about in the air, holding spiked stones to drop on Yoshis that pass underneath them. They automatically drop them if a Yoshi ground-pounds near one.

While black versions of other Shy Guy types do not appear in the game, a black version of a normal Shy Guy has artwork. This suggests that at some point in development, they may have been intended to appear, but they are unimplemented in the final game. This is somewhat supported by the nonspecific wording of the Message Block message regarding them.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘイホー[1][note 1]
Kuro Heihō
Shy Guy (in-game)

Black Shy Guy (Shogakukan guide)
French Maskass Noir[3] Black Shy Guy
  1. ^ Specifically, it is referred to as くろい ヘイホー (Kuroi Heihō, meaning "Black Shy Guy"), though due to the space, "kuroi" does not seem to be part of the name itself.