Lots O'Fish

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Lots O'Fish
Level code 5 - 2
Game Yoshi's Story
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Lots O'Fish is level 5-2 in Yoshi's Story. It is similar to Lots O'Jelly Fish, as it is an underwater cavern. Although partly above water, most of it contains dangerous enemies including Sea Anemones, Cheep Cheeps, and sea cacti. The hidden Heart Coin letter for this stage is P.


This level begins underwater, near a Message Block and some Cheep Cheeps. Some fruit can be found, followed by a clam. A passage with four sea cacti, followed by a few more Cheep Cheeps and fruit. A Warp Pipe is at the top of the area, leading the player above ground, where some fruit is found in bubbles. A Power Flower, a Miss Warp, and some Yoshi's eggs are also present. The player can ground pound a section of the ground, causing platforms to appear, allowing access to reach the next section. Following this are Surprise Balls, along with a Shy Guy in between two Mystery Crates.

In the underwater area, the level continues through a section with passages containing fruits, Cheep Cheeps, sea cacti, clams, and Spiny Fish. Some coins are found above a Sea Anemone. A yellow Warp Pipe leads to an area with clams, as well as a large group of Cheep Cheeps with melons. After the Warp Pipe is a section with multiple Spiny Fish. A red Warp Pipe leads above ground, with a Miss Warp is found, along with a line of coins and a melon. In the water area, another Sea Anemone is found next to a melon. The level continues through a section with more sea cacti and Spiny Fish. A Warp Pipe at the bottom of the water leads to a cave with a Shy Guy with a melon is found, along with a Miss Warp and a ? Switch that causes more melons to appear.

More Cheep Cheeps are found in an underwater passage, as well as another Sea Anemone. A blue Warp Pipe leads above ground. A Surprise Ball allows the player to reach an Egg Block, and a Shy Guy On Stilts is found with a Message Block. Several more melons can be obtained in the section leading to the goal.

Storybook segment[edit]

The deep, wide ocean would not be an easy swim, but the Yoshis dove in. For the first time in their lives, the Yoshis swam to the ocean floor. After reaching the shore, the Yoshis found their story coming to a close.




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おさかな たっぷり
O sakana tappuri
Fish a-plenty
Chinese (Simplified) 鱼儿多多
Yú'er Duōduō
Fish a-plenty
French Poissons à gogo Fishes Galore
German Fischweiher Fish Pond